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ICE Learning Hub adds marine renewable energy and cyber security modules

17 January 2019

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ICE Learning Hub adds marine renewable energy and cyber security modules

This month’s updates to the members’ ICE Learning Hub features programmes on smart cities, marine renewable energy, dredging innovation and infrastructure cyber security.

Marine Renewable Energy

With sustainable energy under discussion at the World Future Energy Summit this month, this programme is for engineers who want to know more extracting energy from the marine environment and how to avoid potential problems in this area.

It illustrates the context for UK marine energy generation and explains existing tidal range generation projects and their benefits.

The programme then explores how to design strong and stable windfarm foundations and achieve a smooth installation of wind turbines.

The Little Book of Smart Cities

Following both Shelter’s housing commission report and the latest house building statistics from the government, the UK continues to debate how our cities can serve everyone’s needs across society.

This ‘Little Book of Smart Cities’ explains how, given a range of contexts and local conditions, we can make cities smart for everyone. It offers a general picture to how we might better understand ‘smartness’ and provides an overview of how smart cities are defined and implemented today.

Innovations in dredging

This introductory programme provides examples of current innovations in dredging, including new techniques and equipment.

The modules will also cover issues to consider when designing dredging works and provide links to current guidance.

The changing face of cyber security

This programme explains infrastructure cyber threats, how the threat is growing, and where to go for advice on threat mitigation.

  • Vienn McMasters, communications business partner for ICE