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ICE Learning hub update - Project 13

24 June 2020

The Learning Hub is now offering a series of modules designed to help assist you with managing infrastructure

ICE Learning hub update - Project 13
Project 13

This week we look at a new way to deliver infrastructure with Project 13 - the industry-led initiative to improve performance.

Project 13: A better approach to delivering high performing infrastructure

Organisations from all levels of the supply chain agree that the infrastructure industry's current operating model is broken. Many projects are often delivered over budget, past deadline and below expectations. Project 13 intends to change that with a new long-term, value driven approach backed by big industry hitters. This module will guide you on how to apply this new business model to your enterprise.

Project 13 will help boost certainty and productivity in delivery, improve whole life outcomes and support a more sustainable, innovative, highly skilled industry.

Project Bonds - An Alternative way to Finance Infrastructure

This programme outlines the potential for using Project Bonds as a means of financing global infrastructure projects as opposed to traditional methods. Estates and Infrastructure Exchange (EIX) focuses exclusively on infrastructure as an asset class. Their aim is to bridge the gap between infrastructure project finance requirements and the available capital seeking direct investment in infrastructure.

Collaboration, alliancing and LEAN approaches on highway projects

In the 21st century, the construction industry has seen a growing emphasis on the collaboration between infrastructure and LEAN principles. The highway industry has been particularly strong in grasping this concept, but how does it work in practice?

This programme explains the collaborative planning system currently employed by Highways England, and those promoted by the Highway Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP) for local roads. You will learn about existing collaborative working approaches, the use of LEAN principles, and the formation of partnerships in the highways supply chain.

ICE Strategy Session - Using technology to eliminate error

This programme explores the latest strategy session on how technology can be used to eliminate error in design and delivery of infrastructure.

In this module the speakers reflect on significant changes the industry has faced over the past 25 to 30 years, as well as the digital revolution of the 1970's when firms started to implement computational modelling.

Benefits of collaboration

The benefits of collaboration and alliancing on infrastructure projects

Both the Government Construction Strategy and the Infrastructure UK Cost Review have identified that efficiency savings could be delivered through reforming procurement practices and effecting behavioural and culture change.

In this programme, ICE covers the topic of infrastructure alliancing and how collaborative working practices can be and have been adopted successfully globally to offer substantial efficiency savings. By completing these modules, you will have evaluated the benefits of collaboration and analysed a code of practice for alliancing on infrastructure projects.

This series is a collection module based on ICE’s strategy sessions

ICE Strategy Session: Reassuring the public that infrastructure is safe

This ICE Strategy Session explores what ICE should be doing to reassure the public that the infrastructure they use, is safe including what should be done to ensure a building safety regulator as well as implementing 2018’s In Plain Sight Report.

ICE Strategy session: Systems-thinking, re-envisioning infrastructure as a platform for human flourishing

This ICE Strategy Session advocates a people-focused, system-based view of infrastructure providing a platform for human flourishing.

This module focuses on the integration between digital and physical assets, highlighting how digital twins can help manage complex interconnected systems.

Project Management Module

This module provides a basic level introduction to project management. The module is designed to guide you through a series of key steps that will enable you to simplify task by analysing different stages.

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