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ICE Library recommendations on flood risk management

21 July 2020

This month we are looking at flood risk and the latest research and practical examples on how to build more resilient infrastructure to protect our growing cities from the increased risk, as well as using modern technology to create more accurate flood monitoring and warning systems.

ICE Library recommendations on flood risk management
flood risk management

This month we are recommending a series of titles on flood risk management and the latest research on the subject.

SILVA, M. M. (2020) Public spaces for water: a design notebook. E-Book
(Boca Raton: CRC Press)

This illustrated notebook highlights the need for a change in current flood management practices through integrating protection measures into public space design, stressing the importance of local, bottom up, approaches. Part one of the book introduces a wide range of flood alleviation measures from barriers and flood walls, catchment options such as reservoirs and open channels, to floating structures and green roofs. Part two is an interesting collection of international case studies.

Access the book through the Dawsonera E-Book Collection in our Digital Resources portal.

BUTLER, D., MAKROPOULOS, C., DIGMAN, C. J., DAVIES, J. W. (2018) Urban drainage. 4th ed. E-Book (Boca Raton: CRC Press)

The new 4th edition of this popular textbook on urban drainage covers the environmental and engineering aspects of rainwater and wastewater management. It is a comprehensive guide, not only dealing with the design of new systems, but also covering the analysis and upgrading of existing infrastructure. New chapters on modelling, resilience, smart systems, and the global and local context bring the latest edition up to date.

Access the book through the Dawsonera E-Book Collection in our Digital Resources portal.

PENNING-ROWSELL, E. C., BECKER, M. (2019) Flood risk management: Global Case Studies of Governance, Policy and Communities. E-Book (London & New York: Routledge)

This book covers a range of topics including planning and policy, risk governance and communication, forecasting and warning, and economics. International case studies from North America, Europe, Asia and Africa provide examples of analysis of flood risk management
efforts, processes and issues from human, governance and policy implementation perspectives.

Access the book through the Dawsonera E-Book Collection in our Digital Resources portal.

Blue-Green Systems Journal
This new open access journal published by the IWA (International Water Association) takes a holistic look at the future trends of urbanisation and population growth, as well as threats from climate change, such as heightened flood risk.

The journal will feature research into sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally responsible water use in cities and their regions, including innovative approaches such as Sponge Cities, Low Impact Development, Nature Based Solutions and Water Sensitive Urban Design.

Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk Journal

This open access journal publishes research on new concepts and ways how the latest technology, especially geospatial and remote sensing techniques can be used to provide more accurate monitoring, mapping, risk management and mitigation.

Early warning of all types of natural hazard associated with land, ocean, atmosphere, land-ocean-atmosphere coupling and those induced by climate change are considered.

  • Annette Ruelhlmann, Librarian at Institution of Civil Engineers