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ICE library recommendations on NEC contracts

05 April 2020

Every month the Library chooses a selection of top titles, journals and books on an important civil engineering topic. This month’s subject is NEC contracts.

ICE library recommendations on NEC contracts
Understanding NEC4 contracts

HUGHES, K. (2019) Understanding the NEC4 ECC contract: a practical handbook. 2nd ed. E-Book. Routledge

Written for construction professionals by Kelvin Hughes, author of a series of popular titles on the NEC contracts and practicing construction contract consultant, this book leads the reader through the contact’s key features. Covering: The Contractor’s main responsibilities, the use of early warnings, Contractor’s design, tendering, quality management, payment, liabilities and insurance, termination, avoiding and resolving disputes and much more.

The way the contract effects procurement processes, dispute resolution, project management, and risk management are all addressed in order to direct the user to best practice.

Access this title and more commentaries and guides on the NEC contracts through the Dawsonera E-Book collection

FIDIC contracts

GODWIN, W. (2020) The 2017 FIDIC contracts. E-Book. Hoboken: John Wiley

Useful guide for anyone engaged in international projects, including employers, contractors, engineers, lawyers, suppliers and project financiers/sponsors.

The author is a specialist lawyer who was a member of the FIDIC Updates Task Group responsible for writing the new contracts and this book examines in detail the many substantial changes.

After providing an overview of the updated Red, Yellow and Silver contracts, the book examines them clause by clause with the aim of showing how each compares and contrasts with the others and how the second editions compare and contrast with the first.

Access through the Dawsonera E-Book collection

Evaluating Contract Claims

MULLEN, J.; DAVISON, R. P. (2020) Evaluating contract claims. 3rd ed. E-Book. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell

Written for construction and engineering contract administrators, project managers, quantity surveyors and contract consultants, Evaluating Contract Claims is an essential guide for quantifying claims in the construction industry once liability has been established.

Although, the book aims to give a general overview of the legal principles it provides examples for NEC4, Infrastructure Conditions of Contract, FIDIC and JCT’ Standard Building Contract to illustrate how the different contracts approach specific issues.

Access through the Dawsonera E-Book collection

Construction contract management

GREENHALGH, B. (2017) Introduction to construction contract management. E-Book. London & New York: Routledge

This book is an introduction to construction contract administration and management, covering the delivery and execution stage of a construction project and can be used as a contract administrator's resource book, but will also be useful for students and new practitioners.

The content is split into four parts following the timeline of a project during the construction stage:
Part A covers initiating the construction stage, project delivery mechanisms, contract administration and health and safety management
Part B covers managing the construction stage, contractor performance and relationship management
Part C covers finalising the construction stage, project completion and close-out Part D covers claims and disputes.

Access through the Dawsonera E-Book collection

Engineering, Construction and Architecture management

Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management. E-Journal

Original peer-reviewed research papers, case studies, technical notes, book reviews, features and discussions, with the aim to advance integrated design and construction practices, project lifecycle management, and sustainable construction.

The journal’s scope covers all aspects of architectural design, design management, construction/project management, engineering management of major infrastructure projects, contract management and the operation and management of constructed facilities

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  • Annette Ruelhlmann, Librarian at Institution of Civil Engineers