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ICE members adapt to CPD challenges during the pandemic

14 December 2021

Many members have found ways to work around the difficulties that Covid-19 has posed to professional development.

ICE members adapt to CPD challenges during the pandemic
Adapting to new learning activities to suit your development needs.

Many ICE members have adapted to the challenges caused by the pandemic and were able to find appropriate learning opportunities, the 2021 CPD Audit has found.

As a result, the number of requested exemptions related to Covid-19 halved in 2021.

Further, ICE was able to report a 98% compliance rate for members selected to submit their records as part of the annual CPD audit, matching the impressive rate in 2020.

Of the 1,000 members who were requested to submit their CPD records, 24 failed to comply and their names were reported to the Trustee Board. These individuals will be removed from the membership roll and Engineering Council register if they do not submit their records by February 2022.

However, almost 75% of members responded and submitted their record by the first request.

Final compliance rate for 2020

Last year, 20 members were reported to the Trustee Board for non-compliance. However, only eight members were removed from the membership roll after failing to meet the extended deadline in February 2021.

Since then, four of these members have submitted their records and been reinstated.

CPD non-compliance in 2020.
CPD non-compliance in 2020.

Planning for 2022

As 2021 comes to a close, members are being encouraged to ensure that their 2021 PDR (personal development record) is up-to-date, to reflect on their learning, and evaluate how well they've achieved their 2021 Development Action Plan objectives.

Templates and tips for those that need help with recording their CPD can be found within the ICE CPD Guidance.

For further advice and questions, please email the cpd team.

CPD framework launch

In 2022, ICE will for the first time publish CPD topics that professionally qualified members should address, including safety-based subjects, in response to the In Plain Sight report.

  • Kellen Sao, quality assurance and training manager at ICE