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ICE members approve amendments to the ICE Royal Charter and By-Laws

21 July 2021

Members were asked to vote on matters relating to voting rights, professional conduct and membership grades.

ICE members approve amendments to the ICE Royal Charter and By-Laws

ICE's Corporate members have voted to approve five resolutions that affect the institution's Royal Charter and By-laws, in this year's ballot.

Members were asked to vote on resolutions to extend voting rights for ICE Technician Members and Graduate members, update the Professional Conduct By-law, and a number of deletions and amendments to the By-laws.

The ICE governance ballot took place between June and July 2021. The results of the ballot were announced at ICE's Annual General Meeting on 20 July 2021.

The governance ballot took place alongside the Trustee Board and Council elections. Members elected two new Trustees and 12 members to ICE’s Council to take up their respective posts on 2 November 2021.

Voting rights amendment

Following extensive discussions and wide consultation with the membership, earlier this year, the Trustee Board and Council proposed to amend the voting rights of Technician Members and Graduate members.

The membership approved changes to Royal Charter and By-laws to re-designate Technician Members as ‘Corporate Members’ with associated full voting rights. Previously, Technician Members were classified as ‘Non-Corporate Members’, which limited the areas they could vote on to Council elections and subscription rate changes.

Members have also voted to extend the voting rights allocated to Graduate members of the institution.

As well as being able to vote for graduates on Council, Graduate members will now be entitled to vote on subscription rate changes, elections of Ordinary Members to the Trustee Board, elections of members to the Council, resolutions at Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings, and they will also be able to requisition the Trustee Board to convene a Special General Meeting.

Aligning professional conduct standards with best practice

The Trustee Board had also proposed amendments to the institution’s By-law regarding the Rules of Professional Conduct, following guidance from the Engineering Council.

ICE Corporate members voted to approve the change, which will bring the institution’s Professional Conduct rules in line with best practice.

Improving By-law clarity

Trustees also sought to provide greater clarity within the By-laws by implementing a number of deletions and amendments to ensure the correct use of capital letters throughout the document and to remove defunct and inactive membership grades, which members also approved in the ballot.

For more information on the ICE ballot and Royal Charter and By-Laws, please contact the Governance team at [email protected].

  • Jack Buckee, information manager at ICE