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ICE President: proposed changes in by-laws represent opportunity to modernise our institution

06 April 2021

Rachel Skinner has recommended that members vote in favour of proposals to be put to members in a ballot this summer.

ICE President: proposed changes in by-laws represent opportunity to modernise our institution

Members will be asked to vote on proposals to amend the Institution’s Royal Charter and By-laws in a ballot over the summer. ICE President Rachel Skinner has described the proposed changes as a "real opportunity for us to modernise our Institution and energise our membership".

The amendments were considered by the ICE Trustee Board in February, following prolonged discussions with the ICE Council about broadening the membership over a number of years, and they recommend that the membership votes in favour of the proposals.

Chartered Infrastructure Engineer

They include the introduction of the protected title of Chartered Infrastructure Engineer; changes to the voting rights of both Technician and Graduate members; and changes to the language used in the By-laws to reflect best practice.

Should members vote in favour of this resolution, ICE will acquire the rights to the new protected title of ‘Chartered Infrastructure Engineer.’ This would allow, following the creation of a qualification framework, engineers working in infrastructure to choose to become professionally qualified with the Institution alongside civil engineers.

Computer engineers, materials engineers and systems engineers are just a few examples of the types of professional currently working alongside civil engineers on complex infrastructure projects, but whose specialism may not currently allow them to become a member via the qualifications route.

To secure the qualification, applicants would have to demonstrate sufficient competence and experience in a civil engineering context at professional review, matched against the same gold standard as all other Chartered Civil Engineers.

The new title would allow an engineer, on passing their professional review, to describe themselves as Chartered Infrastructure Engineer. A set of detailed questions and answers relating to the proposal is available on ICE Governance portal.

ICE President Rachel Skinner said: “The changes proposed by the Trustee Board and Council present a real opportunity for us to modernise our Institution and energise our membership. We need to recognise that infrastructure and its systems are constantly evolving, as are the technical skillsets and expertise that we call upon as civil engineers.

“To remain the home of infrastructure for the future, these changes are essential in welcoming a new range of experts into our community. I wholeheartedly recommend that our members vote in favour of the changes in the ballot.”

A proposed change to voting rights

The proposal to change voting rights for Technician members would enable them, as Corporate members, to vote on all matters.

Members will also be asked to extend the voting rights of Graduate members, entitling them to vote on subscription rate changes, elections of Ordinary Members to the Trustee Board, elections of members to the Council and resolutions at Annual General Meetings.

Other proposed amendments include reviewing the grammar of several by-laws to improve their clarity and updating the Professional Conduct by-law, to bring them in line with the Engineering Council Guidance.

The membership ballot will be open for six weeks from 1 June 2021.

  • Simon Barney, head of communications at ICE