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ICE Publishing announces this year’s award-winning papers 

18 May 2021

The best work published in ICE Publishing journals is celebrated and made free to read.

ICE Publishing announces this year’s award-winning papers 

ICE Publishing has unveiled the 40 winning papers of its annual awards.

Each year a group of experts meet to discuss and recognise the work published in ICE Publishing journals over the previous year, which have been nominated by each editorial advisory panel or board.

Winning papers, from industry and academia, of exceptional quality and benefit to the civil engineering, construction and materials science community, are acknowledged through the ICE Publishing Awards.

Some of the awards date back to the 1800s and the winners often cover critical industry issues. This year’s winning papers are no exception.

The authors, some of whom are ICE members, come from around the world and in their papers discuss problems civil engineers are working on to ensure sustainable development including renewable energy, low emission transport, resource management and safety.

There were 40 awards this year, and the three papers judged to be the best were:

  1. Telford Gold Medal - Best paper overall: An effective stress analysis for predicting the evolution of SCR–seabed stiffness accounting for consolidation
  2. George Stephenson Medal - Second best paper overall: Challenges and opportunities of municipal solid waste management system in Homs city, Syria
  3. Baker Medal - Third best paper overall: Modelling of focused wave interaction with wave energy converter models using qaleFOAM

A selection of the winners will be chosen to participate in next year’s Thomas Telford Prestige Lecture Series. These lectures are free to attend and open up a forum for discussion around the paper.

Each paper (published after 2002) is free to view on ICE Virtual Library in perpetuity as part of the ICE’s commitment to furthering knowledge and best practice.

Read all of this year’s winners for free on ICE Virtual Library.

  • Caitlin Flint, publishing marketing manager at ICE Publishing