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ICE Publishing recommendations on infrastructure projects

29 April 2020

A look at the infrastructure projects coming up as a result of the Budget 2020 announcement. How can ICE Publishing resources help with the task at hand.

ICE Publishing recommendations on infrastructure projects

The UK Government’s 2020 Budget has expectedly emphasised the coronavirus outbreak, however, a huge boost of investment has also been promised to infrastructure with the view to improve it and better connect the country.

The 2020 Budget introduces plans for "unprecedented investment in urban transport" with an expectation of £600bn to be invested into infrastructure over the next five years. It is one of the "highest levels [of investment] in real terms since 1955’’ according to the Treasury.

The crucial next step in the process is deciding how these plans of investment will be put into medium-and long-term strategy whilst also addressing the key principles of sustainability.

The ICE has a clear view on infrastructure strategy: "The strategy must set out a joined-up plan for the UK’s core economic infrastructure sectors rather than a list of individual and dis-jointed projects”. The Institution has also introduced prioritising and planning infrastructure guidelines, a helpful starting point in producing a well-thought out plan of action that will meet sustainability targets.

While detailed plans are likely to be delayed due to the ongoing global pandemic, we have recommended some reading for you based on current plans:

Infrastructure publications
Infrastructure publications

£5.2bn funding settlement for flood defences

Accurately summed up by Veronica Flint Williams, Environment Agency, UK, Strategic Management of Flood Risk is a solid development of the analysis and practice of strategic approaches to managing flood risk” covering proven approaches for flood risk management in communities internationally. Available in print and digital.

£27bn investment into motorways

The popular Highways: The Location, design, construction and maintenance of road pavements, edited by Coleman O'Flaherty with David Hughes, is a comprehensive book covering all crucial aspects of road engineering from site investigation to maintenance. Available in print and as an eBook.

Northern Powerhouse Rail and Midlands Rail Hub programme

Crossrail Project: Infrastructure Design and Construction - 5 volume set contains a collection of papers submitted to Crossrail’s Technical Papers Competition, useful for lessons learnt from the project. The set is available in print and as eBooks:

Ground Vibrations from High-Speed Railways, available in print and as an eBook, brings together leading international research on the prediction and remediation of railway-induced ground vibration.

The Railway Metropolis: How Planners, Politicians and Developers Shaped Modern London, available in print and as an eBook, describes the fascinating story of how planners, politicians and developers have shaped London’s railways.

Search ICE Bookshop for more useful print books by subject area and discover more eBooks on ICE Virtual Library.

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