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ICE Qatar gains exclusive access to World Cup stadium

17 June 2022

An opportunity for members to experience a real-life construction project.

ICE Qatar gains exclusive access to World Cup stadium
ICE Qatar members get an engineer's tour of Ahmad bin Ali Stadium. Image credit: Hassan Ahmed

ICE Qatar members have been given insight into the operation plans for this year’s FIFA World Cup during a site visit to one of the new stadiums hosting the tournament.

FIFA Ahmad bin Ali Stadium will host seven World Cup football matches in November 2022.

Mario Zraunig, head of operations at FIFA Ahmad bin Ali Stadium, delivered a presentation about the venue’s construction to 15 members of the ICE Qatar committee.

He talked about the design, sustainability, time, and legacy of the stadium, as well as the operation plans for the World Cup.

An engineer's insight

In terms of construction, Zraunig explained how the steel, precast and hybrid structure of the stadium was built and maintained.

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium in Qatar
Ahmad bin Ali Stadium will host several FIFA World Cup matches in November 2022. Image credit: Hassan Ahmed

The ICE members learned about the cooling technology used to regulate the temperature in the 40,000-capacity stadium, which is located on the edge of a desert.

They also learned about the drainage network beneath the field to drain the surface rainfall.

'Great way to show members real-life projects'

Hassan Ahmed, ICE Member and knowledge and professionalism lead on the ICE Qatar Committee organised the site visit.

"We were fortunate to visit one of the iconic FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 stadiums. This visit was a bit different from other visits," he said.

"We visited and introduced ourselves to the operational and engineering facilities inside the stadium.

"We are always looking for new sites to visit, particularly in their earlier stages. It’s a great way to show our members real-life construction projects."

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium opened its doors to the public on 18 December 2020, hosting the Amir Cup final.

It’s named after Ahmad bin Ali Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar from 1960 to 1972.

  • Hassan Ahmed, knowledge and professionalism lead at ICE Qatar Committee