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ICE seeks new Professional Conduct Panel members

15 December 2022

The institution is looking to recruit fellows to help maintain appropriate standards of professional conduct.

ICE seeks new Professional Conduct Panel members
Panel members normally serve for three years, but this can be extended. Image credit: Luca O/Unsplash

ICE is asking fellows of the institution to help maintain professional standards by applying to become a member of the Professional Conduct Panel (PCP).

The PCP is one of several member-led panels and committees at the ICE. Its role is to investigate any formal allegations of professional misconduct made against a member.

Where the panel finds a member has a case to answer, the matter may be referred to the Disciplinary Board for action.

The PCP meets quarterly to discuss complaints made about ICE members. It also reviews claims between meetings through sub-committees known as ‘quorums’.

This means that panel members are expected to review about 15 cases per year so that the full panel can have an informed discussion at the quarterly meetings.

In doing this work, panellists play a vital role in ensuring that the ICE’s rules of professional conduct, and its standards, are upheld.

Panel members are expected to bring a broad wealth of knowledge of the profession as well as familiarity with the range of everyday challenges members face ‘on the ground’.

Panel members must also be familiar with the ICE Code of Professional Conduct and have a good understanding of the importance of its application in the real world.

What makes a suitable candidate?

Candidates must have a passion for ensuring that the highest professional standards are upheld to give society the confidence that civil engineers can be trusted to build and safeguard the infrastructure they rely on every day.

The panel requires:

  • a new member with dual legal and engineering qualifications
  • a new member with party wall expertise

Professional Conduct Panel members must be fellows of the institution and candidates should possess a keen eye for detail and a broad knowledge of the profession.

The committee welcomes applications from all those who are interested in the role, and encourages applications from women and those of ethnic minority backgrounds.

Panel members normally serve for three years, but this can be extended.

The panel is seeking three new members a year and currently there are two vacancies. The role is unpaid but panel members’ expenses are reimbursed.

The successful candidates will be chosen by the end of April 2023 with a view of attending June’s PCP meeting as observers and then further meetings as full panel members.

Applying for the role

If you would like to apply to join the panel, please send your CV and a covering letter by March 31, 2023 to [email protected].

  • Adanna Akintola-Davies, professional conduct manager at ICE