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ICE sets out plans to implement Presidential Commission findings

31 January 2020

ICE has set out how it intends to implement the findings following the recently concluded Presidential review into Governance

ICE sets out plans to implement Presidential Commission findings

ICE Council commissioned a review of ICE’s governance after the Special General Meeting in 2018. David Orr chaired the Presidential Commission and his Commissioners held an extensive period of consultation throughout 2018, listened to evidence from members, visited the regions, and issued an interim report for consultation last summer.

Following a further round of consultation, the Commission took close account of the many submissions in arriving at their final conclusions that led to their final report. David Orr presented this to Trustees and Council at their November and December 2019 meetings respectively and the findings were endorsed in full.

On the advice of the ICE Council, the Trustee have now set out how they intend to implement the findings from the Presidential Commission’s Final Report and a dedicated Governance Updates page has been created on the ICE website to keep members fully up to date with our progress in implementing the Commission’s findings.


Transparency and openness are vital elements in building confidence in the Institution’s governance. The Commission Findings recommend some relatively straightforward ways of improving transparency which the Trustees have directed should be implemented as soon as practicable. These changes are mainly procedural and do not affect our By-Laws. The Council has already reshaped its agenda and will host a series of talks in April 2020 which will be open to the membership and interested parties.

The Commission Findings also recommend that we should review the way in which we select our trustees and how we communicate with our membership. ICE has set up two member-led committees to address these areas.

Nomination Committee (NOMCO)

A member-led committee has been formed to review Nomination Committee processes. This will be led by David Porter, Chair of the ICE Audit Committee and past member of Council, working with Lawrence Shackman, recently Chair ICE Scotland, and Kate Cairns, Chair of the ICE Fairness Inclusion & Respect committee and current Council member.

Communications Committee

A Communications Committee has been formed to review how we engage with our membership, wherever they may be, and to ensure we are transparent and inclusive. This will be led by Liz Waugh, a trustee and a professional communications expert.

Some of the Commission’s Findings will necessitate a change to the ICE’s Disciplinary Regulations and Terms of Reference and these will be reviewed by the Trustee Board and the Council at their meetings in March and April 2020 respectively.

The Commission Findings also recommend changes to the balance of the Trustee Board and the method of appointing its members and Special General Meeting arrangements. However, these changes affect the By-laws and will require the approval of the Trustee Board and ICE’s Corporate Members. ICE will hold a ballot in June 2020 to ask your agreement to the changes.

If approved, and the Trustees and Council strongly commend the way ahead recommended by the Commission, ICE shall seek to implement the changes by November 2020. The ICE President, Trustees and Council members shall be meeting with members over the next few months with a view to explaining the opportunities they believe these changes will bring.

For more information on the Presidential Commission’s Findings and to read the Final Report, please visit the Presidential Commission page.

If you would like more information about any of the proposed governance changes please email [email protected].