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ICE updates Australia-based members on statutory registration progress  

24 March 2021

To support members working in Australia, ICE is working towards becoming an assessment entity for professional engineers in Queensland and Victoria.

ICE updates Australia-based members on statutory registration progress  

ICE has been working towards providing Professional Engineers’ Registration schemes for members undertaking work in Australia.

The institution aims to provide a robust route onto State Registers in Australia through ICE for members and others who choose ICE as a route.

Last year, ICE surveyed its Australia-based membership about state registration schemes. Around 40% of those members indicated that they definitely will be seeking state registration, if they do not already hold one, with a further 40% as yet undecided. Only 20% of members said they wouldn’t.

ICE has acted on this and has recently made applications to become an assessment entity for the state registers of both Queensland and Victoria. ICE’s members in Australia will be updated as the applications progress and will provide detailed guidance on how to access the schemes.

While other states and territories have not yet invited applications from assessment entities, ICE has been following developments and engaging with consultations on legislation both directly and through the Engineering Council.

It is ICE’s contention that chartered ICE members demonstrate the required competence to operate as Registered Professional Engineers. ICE is therefore working with other Professional Engineering Institutions (PEIs) under the Engineering Council to strengthen the recognition by the state registers of Chartered Engineer status.

About the Queensland state register

The state of Queensland already operates a Professional Engineers Register under the Professional Engineers Act 2002. The register is overseen by the Board of Professional Engineers Queensland.

In Queensland, only Registered Professional Engineers may provide engineering services and this applies regardless of what country or jurisdiction the person providing the services is based in. An engineering service is defined as a service that requires, or is based on, the application of engineering principles and data to a design, or to a construction, production, operation or maintenance activity, relating to engineering.

This requirement does not apply to engineers working under supervision of a Registered Professional Engineer or to those operating in accordance with a prescribed standard.

About the Victoria state register

In the state of Victoria, the Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019 will come into operation on 1 July 2021. It will introduce a registration scheme for professional engineers that will be phased in over a two-and-a-half-year period.

The act requires professional engineers to register if they provide civil, electrical, fire safety, mechanical, and structural services in the state, whether from within Victoria or from outside it. As in Queensland, it will apply regardless of where the person providing the service is based, but will only apply to those working without direct supervision and who do not operate in accordance with a prescriptive standard.

The register in Victoria will be overseen by the Victorian Business Licensing Authority. Further information is available on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.

Other state registers

ICE is awaiting the opening of assessment entity applications for similar legislation that is due to come into effect in New South Wales in July this year. The institution is also following developments in Western Australia where there has been consultation on upcoming legislation.

Detailed guidance for ICE’s Australia-based membership will be published in due course. In the meantime, any queries can be direct to Brendan van Rooyen, ICE Head of Professional Services, at [email protected].

  • Brendan van Rooyen , Head of Professional Services at Institution of Civil Engineers