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ICE updates Career Appraisal guidance

03 June 2019

There will now be a limit to how many pages of evidence can be submitted.

ICE updates Career Appraisal guidance

ICE has updated its guidance for Career Appraisal submissions.

If you have several years’ experience or more, a Career Appraisal is a way for you to complete the initial professional development (IPD) stage on your way to becoming professionally qualified with ICE.

The revised Career Appraisal guidance states that applicants should submit a maximum of 27 pages of evidence within the attribute achievement form to demonstrate their specific work experience that meets the requirements for IEng or CEng MICE requirements.

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Previously there was no page limit for the attribute achievement form. Page limits for the appendices and the 10MB limit for the full submission remain.

This change provides greater clarity on what's expected and helps you to focus your efforts and select the strongest evidence to support your submission.

The revised guidance has already come into effect.

However, ICE will continue to accept submissions with more than 27 pages of evidence until 31 December 2019.

After this date, submissions must follow the updated guidance.

Any questions, or need some advice?

If you have any questions about the updated guidance or need some advice on preparing your Career Appraisal submission, the team at our Membership Support Centre are on hand to help:

t: +44 (0)121 227 5948
e: [email protected]

We offer a range of support to help you on your way to becoming professionally qualified with ICE. This includes our Career Appraisal webinar as well as locally delivered Career Appraisal workshops.

  • Ed Horton, marketing project manager at ICE