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Join a live Q&A with ICE President to discuss changes to the qualification process

02 June 2021

ICE President Rachel Skinner will take questions from the membership about the proposal to introduce a Chartered Infrastructure Engineer qualification.

Join a live Q&A with ICE President to discuss changes to the qualification process

Members are being encouraged to join a live question and answer discussion about the proposal to introduce a new qualification, Chartered Infrastructure Engineer.

ICE President, Rachel Skinner, will speak directly to members at a virtual event on 10 June 2021, outlining the reasoning behind the concept, answering questions, and clarifying the proposal put forward by the Trustee Board.

The proposed addition of the new protected title of Chartered Infrastructure Engineer comes following years of discussion about broadening the institution’s membership base.

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In 2019, ICE Council recommended that the institution consider introducing a professional engineering qualification for suitably qualified individuals who work in infrastructure but who cannot – or do not wish – to become chartered civil engineers.

The Chartered Infrastructure Engineer qualification has been provisionally endorsed by the Engineering Council, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and the Privy Council. It is also fully backed by ICE’s Council and Trustee Board.

To initiate such changes to the institution’s Royal Charter and By-laws, the proposal must be endorsed by members in a ballot. Plans to include the question as part of this year’s membership ballot (beginning on 1 June) were put on hold following a decision by the Trustee Board last month.

Following conversations with members, a decision to postpone the ballot until 2022 was made. This was to allow further opportunity to understand the proposal and its implications.

ICE President, Rachel Skinner said: “This is an important issue, and I would like to make sure that everyone understands the proposals. As trustees, we are taking the time to ensure that, when members come to vote, they have all the facts to make a fully informed decision.

“I am hearing support for the proposal, and a recognition that while civil engineers play a vital part in delivering infrastructure across the world, so do many others who do not yet have a natural professional home.

“Recent experience highlights the crucial importance of ensuring those who work in infrastructure have professional qualifications and skillsets that are relevant to our modern, fast-changing world. Society and employers look to the institution to promote and maintain public confidence in our collective ability to keep the public safe, whilst innovating to tackle today’s big issues.”

Sign up to take part in the discussion

The Q&A event will be an opportunity for members to discuss the proposal directly with ICE’s President.

Members can sign up to the free event here. They are also encouraged to submit questions ahead of the event, to help ensure the discussion provides the most relevant information.

  • Emma Beer, media relations manager at ICE