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Make sense of COP27 with ICE's Question Time

23 November 2022

Get your burning questions answered on any COP27 related topic.

Make sense of COP27 with ICE's Question Time
The COP27 panel will feature Seth Shultz, Dr Priti Parikh, Anusha Shah and Savina Carluccio (pictured left to right in Egypt next to ICE director of engineering knowledge Mark Hansford and head of engineering networks Carol Brooks). Image credit: Mark Hansford/LinkedIn

To help understand everything that happened at this year’s UN Climate Conference, the ICE is holding a COP27 Question Time-style event with experts who attended the conference.

Anyone wondering what the announcements mean for the civil engineering profession is invited to send in their questions before the 'Question Time' on 13 December.

On hand to answer the questions will be experts who took part in COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, including:

  • Chair: Keith Howells, President, ICE
  • Professor Jim Hall, professor of climate and environmental risks, University of Oxford
  • Anusha Shah, senior director, resilient cities, Arcadis
  • Dr Priti Parikh, professor of infrastructure engineering and international development andhead, UCL Engineering for International Development Centre
  • Savina Carluccio, executive director, ICSI
  • Seth Shultz, CEO, Resilience Rising

Submit your questions

Questions should be sent in by 7 December 2022 to James Crumly at [email protected].

COP27 Question Time

With the Question Time format, the audience sets the agenda.

So whatever questions members may have post-COP, this is an opportunity to get answers from experts who were there and understand the implications for civil engineers across the globe.

The successes at COP, key pledges made, and what these all mean for engineers tackling climate change and carbon day-to-day will be explored.

This event is open to all ICE members. All attendees can submit questions to the panel, with a selection being chosen to be asked live at the event.

Questions should be submitted by 7 December 2022 to James Crumly at [email protected].

What was announced at COP27?

The following are just some of the initiatives launched at the COP27.

The Global Carbon Budget report

The report warns that keeping ‘1.5C alive’ is becoming increasingly difficult.

If the globe is to reach a maximum of 1.5C temperature rise by 2100, as is the pledge set out in the Paris Agreement, emissions will need to decrease even more than originally thought.

Adaptation agenda

The Egypt COP27 presidency, in partnership with the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions and the Marrakech Partnership, launched the Sharm-El-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda.

This outlines 30 outcomes that are needed to address the ‘adaptation gap’ and achieve a resilient world by 2030, helping to protect those living in the most climate-vulnerable communities.

Early warning systems

The UN launched an action plan with the aim of ensuring all populations have early warning systems – alerting communities to impending extreme weather events.

Recommendations for reporting

The High Level Expert Group on Net Zero Emissions Commitments of Non-State Entities published a new set of recommendations on setting short, mid and long-term commitments.

This should help the credibility of targets and reporting.

Net zero guidelines paper

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) published a net zero guidelines paper, intended for organisations wanting to use net-zero emission terminology and create meaningful targets.

Emissions tool

Non-profit coalition Climate TRACE have launched a new tool allowing people to see emissions, and where exactly they are coming from in real time.

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  • James Crumly, knowledge manager at ICE