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ICE members maintain high compliance for 2022 CPD audit

06 December 2022

A report on the annual check of members' CPD activity.

ICE members maintain high compliance for 2022 CPD audit
The ICE’s CPD templates continue to be the most popular format for members to record their CPD.

The ICE has reported a 97% compliance rate for members selected to submit their records as part of the annual CPD audit, in the midst of a challenging year for the industry.

Last year revealed that many individuals had adapted to the challenges caused by the pandemic and were able to find learning opportunities.

While the compliance rate remained high this year, a slight dip of 1% was reported.

The ICE CPD audit demonstrates civil engineers' commitment to continuing professional development and their understanding of the benefits gained from the Plan-Act-Assess-Review CPD cycle.

Of the 1,000 members asked to submit their CPD records, 27 failed to comply and their names were reported to the ICE Trustee Board.

These individuals will be removed from the membership roll and the Engineering Council register if they don't submit their records by February 2023.

Key findings

The key findings from this year’s audit:

  • The ICE’s CPD templates continue to be the most popular format for members to record their CPD and effectively follow the CPD cycle.
  • Many members are consistently recording and evaluating their CPD to a high standard. The ICE will endeavour to share examples of good practice with the wider membership.
  • There appeared to be less awareness of the requirement to record CPD among senior professionals. The ICE will communicate more to members about the importance and benefits of CPD recording at all stages of a member’s career.

Final compliance rate for 2021

Last year, 24 members were reported to the Trustee Board for non-compliance.

Eleven members were removed from the membership roll after failing to meet the extended deadline in February 2022.

Since then, two of these members have submitted their records and been reinstated.

Planning for 2023

As 2022 closes, members are encouraged to ensure that their 2022 PDR is up-to-date, to reflect on their learning, and evaluate how well they’ve achieved their 2022 development action plan (DAP) objectives.

Templates can be found within the ICE CPD guidance.

CPD Framework

In 2022, the ICE launched a new framework of key CPD topics that professionally qualified members are strongly recommended to undertake as appropriate.

This is in addition to their personal learning as part of their ongoing development.

The ICE will be monitoring engagement with the CPD framework as part of the 2023 audit.

There’s still time to complete some of the learning activities associated with the 2022 framework before the end of the year.

Popular modules include ‘The Swiss cheese model of risk management’ and ‘Understanding structural load paths and distribution of mass/loads’.

Guidance is available for any members who need help with recording their CPD.

For further advice and questions, email [email protected].

  • Kellen Sao, quality assurance and training manager at ICE