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MERIT Universities Tournament 2024 opens for registration

05 February 2024

The annual ICE-supported tournament, a team training experience which challenges participants to run a simulated construction company, is back.

MERIT Universities Tournament 2024 opens for registration
The MERIT competition is a web-based computer simulation. Image credit: Pixabay

Registration for the 2024 MERIT (Management, Enterprise, Risk, Innovation and Teamwork) Universities Tournament (MUT) competition has opened.

Attracting international competitors, over 35,000 young engineers have participated, many who now hold senior positions.

Many universities include MERIT as a module in their undergraduate programme.

What is MERIT?

The MERIT competition is a web-based computer simulation that allows participants operating in groups of up to four, acting as a board of directors and managers, to run their own construction company.

MERIT creates a realistic, challenging and stimulating training and learning environment.

It was designed for young engineers and early career professionals working in the construction industry with a predominately technical education.

It allows participants to learn about their role in a company's commercial activities as well as business and financial management. It also highlights a holistic perspective of the whole construction process.

What does the competition involve?

Student teams from universities are invited to play in the 2024 MUT. The performance of the teams will be ranked, creating a competitive element to the tournament.

Participants learn through decision making, analysing results and responding accordingly.

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Competition format

The competition begins with a trialling period, where students learn about the principles of MERIT.

The first phase of the game consists of six individual rounds. Each round is played over one week, and will normally require between one and two hours of each team member's time per week.

Then, in the final, the skills gained to date will be put to the test in an even more competitive environment over additional rounds.

The winning team will be awarded a cash prize and named the 2024 MERIT University Tournament champions.

How do I take part?

Those wishing to participate must complete the team details form, which will be entered into the MERIT system. The team will then receive an email detailing their login and password for the MERIT website.

By logging into the website, downloading and installing the team module software, they can get trialling!

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Key dates

5 February Registration opens: registration allows access to trialling.
18 March Trialling begins: this will allow the registered teams to run trials and gain feedback that will help them understand the issues they're dealing with.
17 April - 22 May Game time: there are six rounds, submitted once a week. Feedback is given in each round and entered into a league table.
3 June Final: it will comprise of additional rounds held over two weeks. It will be more competitive than the earlier rounds, with each of the finalists competing against the simulation and the other teams in the final.

  • Neeta Cubitt, communications lead at ICE Northern Ireland