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Latest NCE offers insight into the role of the UK Infrastructure Bank

28 July 2023

NCE’s August issue is out now and is available to all ICE members to read in digital format in a browser or on the NCE app.

Latest NCE offers insight into the role of the UK Infrastructure Bank
The UKIB has its headquarters in Leeds. Image credit: Shutterstock

An interview with UK Infrastructure Bank (UKIB) chief executive, John Flint, is the cover story for this month’s issue of New Civil Engineer (NCE), which is available for free to ICE members.

In the article, Flint sets out what the UKIB has done since its launch in June 2021 and what its ambitions are for the next five to eight years.

Flint says that leaving the European Union created a need for the bank, but funding the drive to carbon net zero has amplified that need.

The bank is now primed and ready to support the civil engineering industry on meeting that challenge.

Floods in focus

Continuing the theme on the drive to become a low carbon industry, the August issue looks at a flood defence scheme in Hexham that’s seen the Environment Agency use low carbon concrete in permanent flood defences for the first time.

Also in that section, a look at the issues that need to be tackled ahead of England changing legislation next year to make sustainable drainage systems mandatory on new developments.

The section also delves into the use of a more natural approach to manage flood risk in Devon.

Innovative thinking

Renewable energy sources are seen as a key element in reaching carbon net zero too but what about the carbon cost of the infrastructure?

This month’s Innovative Thinking includes a look at how wind turbine blades can be reused at the end of their lives generating electricity with a trial underway for them to become bridge structures.

NCE editor Claire Smith tackles another major challenge for the sector in this month’s opinion article – improving the health and wellbeing of the people working in this industry.

Smith starts with the news that construction-related deaths rose to 45 in the latest figures released by the Health & Safety Executive, but it’s estimated that there were 500 suicides in the sector during the same period.

Smith discusses the latest NCE podcast with construction industry charity Lighthouse Club’s chief executive, Bill Hill, about the #Makeitvisible campaign, which aims to improve mental wellbeing in the sector.

Smith urges everyone to consider what they could do differently in order to make a difference.

As always, the issue concludes with all the latest news from the ICE and opinion pieces and insight from ICE trustees and leading ICE members.

How to read NCE

To read the digital issue, which is available to all ICE, including those who still receive a print issue of NCE, go to and login in using your MyICE details.

The content can also be viewed via the NCE app which it available from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

If you currently receive a paper copy of NCE and wish to go digital only, go to to change delivery method.

  • Claire Smith, editor at New Civil Engineer