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NEC experts to reveal how the contracts can help meet Australian Infrastructure Plan

30 March 2022

Attendees at the OneConsult 2022 Conference in Sydney, Australia will be able to learn about NEC’s procurement projects and its successes.

NEC experts to reveal how the contracts can help meet Australian Infrastructure Plan
NEC’s exhibit at the OneConsult Conference in Sydney will allow Australian organisations to learn more about the contracts. Image credit: Dan F/Unsplash

NEC’s exhibit at the OneConsult Conference, taking place 30-31 March, will allow Australian organisations to learn about the contracts from a series of experts and NEC representatives.

Matt Colton, the ICE elected member for Asia-Pacific, will give a conference talk to explain how the NEC4 suite of contracts meets the requirements for enhancing project outcomes as set out in the 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan.

These contracts were also recently endorsed by the plan itself, which highlighted their simplicity, collaborative focus and its ability to share risks and rewards.

The NEC4-based contractual model for procuring asset-related goods and services also aligned with the New South Wales government’s 10-point infrastructure plan, published in 2018.

The plan aimed to develop a more collaborative relationship within the over-stretched construction sector and the contract suite’s cooperative approach fit this requirement.

Case studies

Conference attendees will be able to learn about NEC’s procurement projects and its successes.

For instance, Sydney Water used NEC contracts to aid its procurement program ‘Partnering for Success’.

Chosen because of its ‘collaborative approach’, it helped Sydney Water deliver up to $4 billion AUD (or £2.2 billion) of construction works and services between 2020 and 2030.

Furthermore, an $86 million AUD (£45 million) NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) Option C (target contract with activity schedule) was awarded in Perth by Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA).

In addition, the Square Kilometre Array Observatory (SKAO) also adopted several NEC4 contracts for a mega-science project to build and deliver the €2bn radio telescopes at sites in Australia and South Africa.

Supporting NEC users

To support the growing use of its contracts, NEC’s initiatives to date in this region have included the launch of specific secondary Y (AUS) clauses for Australia and a two-day training course.

NEC also started the NEC4 Foundation Certificate Programme (Australia), designed to enable delegates to understand the philosophy of NEC, identify different contract strategies using the ECC, and define the roles stated within the ECC and their responsibilities.

Following the success of these projects, NEC will work closely with regional partners to highlight its work in Australia from industry-case studies to discussions on key issues affecting the construction and procurement sectors.

Join the users’ group

Individuals, corporate, and affiliate organisations in Australia are welcome to join the international NEC Users' Group membership designed to support NEC users worldwide.

Groups members can access exclusive technical and consultancy support, latest news on NEC, free or discounted access to NEC workshops, webinars and entrance to the annual conference.

A chance to meet NEC in-person

Held over two days as a ‘conference for every industry’, the conference will feature talks from prominent industry leaders and incorporate Consult Australia’s 70th anniversary celebration and Annual Awards ceremony.

For those in Australia who are unable to attend the OneConsult Conference and want to find out more about how the contract suite works, please contact Jacki Heppard, Client Development (Australia).

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