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NEC launches a new Mini-MBA in Procurement

19 January 2022

Following the introduction of ICE Training’s Mini-MBA in Infrastructure last year, this new training course will help NEC project and service managers reach the next steps of their career.

NEC launches a new Mini-MBA in Procurement
The new Mini-MBA will up-skill delegates' leadership and management capabilities. Image credit: Kaboompics

NEC has launched a new mini-MBA course for project and service managers working in procurement.

The year-long Mini-MBA* in procurement will cover a range of topics relating to leadership, operation, and management including sustainable development, people and culture, and business development.

In 2021, ICE Training launched a Mini-MBA in Infrastructure for engineers seeking to grow professionally by expanding their leadership and project management skills.

Similarly, the Mini-MBA in Procurement will provide an opportunity for professional development by encouraging delegates to collaborate with others from a contract management background to apply new management and leadership learning to existing procurement issues.

The certified course consists of a two-day, tutor-led classroom sessions with practical exercises and case studies, and four self-paced eLearning modules. The programme is concluded by an assessed personal and professional reflection to validate delegates’ continued professional development.

The first tutor-led date is being taught virtually on 05-06 April 2022.

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*A mini-MBA is an accelerated format of an MBA, offering greater accessibility and flexibility to those looking to upskill and stand out from their peers. While not an alternative or replacement for a full MBA course, a mini-MBA provides a significant contribution to lifelong learning without having to take a career break.

  • Marcus Greenslade, senior marketing specialist at NEC