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ICE invites students to test sustainability knowledge for new digital badge

11 January 2023

The ICE Inspire website now features a quiz on how civil engineers are helping to fight against climate change.

ICE invites students to test sustainability knowledge for new digital badge
The new sustainability trail quiz is packed full of green civil engineering inspiration for students wanting to explore the career.

Young students can now test their knowledge of sustainability with a new quiz, launched as part of the ICE Inspire website.

The Sustainability Trail quiz is suitable for young people aged between 11 and 18 years old. Those who complete the trail can download a digital badge to mark their newly gained sustainability knowledge.

The quiz is aligned with school subjects including biology, geography, environmental science, design and technology, chemistry and physics. It covers topics such as:

  • What are SuDS?
  • How do green walls work?
  • How do civil engineers increase biodiversity?

The Inspire website

The ICE launched the interactive 360° Inspire website in 2021 to show young people what being a civil engineer is all about.

The ICE Inspire site immerses visitors in a digital environment that mimics the real world, where they can:

  • view films in a virtual cinema;
  • explore civil engineering projects in a gallery;
  • get age-specific, next-step advice in the careers area;
  • hear from real ICE members; and
  • play the ICE’s CityZen: Pollution Control game.

This latest update is an addition to the gamification of the site, which awards points for finding and viewing content. Website visitors of all ages are invited to look around the virtual environment for ‘green hotspots’ and give the Sustainability Trail a try.

The ICE encourages all members to get involved in the mission to inspire tomorrow’s civil engineers and share the ICE Inspire site with family and friends, and on any ICE STEM ambassador visits to schools.

Inspire needs you!

The ICE is looking for civil engineers and teachers to help shape Inspire.

Those with ideas and/or expertise, who’d like to get involved in the informal ICE Inspire advisory group, please email [email protected].

  • Kathryn Denham-Maccioni, digital engagement manager at ICE