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Nominate your favourite Hong Kong infrastructure projects from the last 25 years

31 May 2024

ICE Hong Kong Association (HKA) has launched a new award to celebrate its 25th anniversary – entries are now open!

Nominate your favourite Hong Kong infrastructure projects from the last 25 years
The award aims to recognise the positive impact infrastructure has on our lives. Image credit: Shutterstock

The ICE HKA Committee has launched a new award in celebration of its 25th anniversary.

The award aims to commemorate the progress and development that Hong Kong has achieved over the past quarter of a century.

The committee is inviting nominations from innovative and impactful infrastructure projects in Hong Kong that were commissioned or substantially completed (opened to the public) in or after 1999.

Project team members from client, consulting or contractor organisations are invited to nominate.

The projects must demonstrate how they provided strong social and/or economic benefits to the Hong Kong community and beyond, among other requirements.

The purpose is to raise awareness among ICE HKA members and the wider public of the significant and positive impact these projects have had in their local communities.

Winning projects will receive a crystal trophy, to be presented at the ICE HKA anniversary reception.

A maximum of five nominated projects that meet the criteria and entry guidelines will be selected by the shortlisting panel. The top three winning projects will be determined through a public vote.

How to nominate a project

Those interested in submitting a nomination can find more details on how to do so below:

The deadline for nominations is 5pm (GMT +8) on 16 August 2024.

Voting open to the public

What sets this award apart is that voting on nominated projects is open to the public.

This provides a unique opportunity for the wider community to participate and pay tribute to the exceptional infrastructure projects that have a direct impact on the daily lives of the people in Hong Kong.

It also raises awareness of the transformative power of civil engineering.

Stay tuned for more information on how to cast your vote.

Contact Kenny Lam on +852 6884 4880 or via email at [email protected] for any enquiries.

ICE HKA reserves all rights of the competition.

The ICE Hong Kong Association (HKA)

The ICE HKA Committee was established in November 1999.

It’s one of the largest regions outside the UK, with nearly 7,800 members.

The Regional Board, Hong Kong Association, Graduates and Students Division, and regional support team work together to further the objectives of the institution and serve its members' interests in Hong Kong.

As a learned society, the association has started and planned a series of meetings to facilitate an environment for timely and effective knowledge exchange.

To commemorate the committee’s 25th anniversary, a series of key events have been planned, including:

  • The new award celebrating the most popular infrastructure projects in Hong Kong over the past 25 years
  • The 25th anniversary conference
  • The 25th anniversary dinner
  • Kenny Lam, committee member at ICE Hong Kong