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Nominate your exhibit for display in the Royal Academy of Engineering’s virtual museum

05 January 2021

The museum will highlight a skills and diversity shortfall within the engineering profession and you can nominate your own engineering exhibit.

Nominate your exhibit for display in the Royal Academy of Engineering’s virtual museum

The Royal Academy of Engineering has announced plans to launch a new virtual museum to highlight the fact that engineering in the UK still faces a significant skills and diversity shortfall.

One of the main barriers to young people pursuing a career in engineering is deeply rooted cultural perceptions of the profession being mechanical, too technical and boring.

This Is Engineering's #BeTheDifference campaign aims to inspire the next generation of engineers by telling the stories of real young engineers who make a difference in a wide variety of roles.

The museum will roll out in 2021 and will celebrate the engineering around us that typically goes unnoticed. It will connect real world locations up and down the UK with stories told online that uncover the innovation and innovators that are shaping the world around us.

How will it work?

Exhibits in the Museum of Engineering Innovation will be accessed via QR codes or ‘QRtefacts’ dotted around the country in accessible locations. By scanning the ‘QRtefacts’ visitors are taken to exhibits online that demonstrate how engineering is tackling big societal issues and improving our day to day.

So instead of being housed in a building, the aim is that this museum’s artefacts will be all around us, within reach as we go about our daily lives.

Visit the museum of innovation online for inspiration here.

For details on how to nominate your own engineering exhibit, download the the PDF below.

Download the entry details here

  • Andrew Panos, ICE Digital Content Editor at ICE