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North West fellows to help deliver on apprenticeships

30 July 2019

Local fellows sign up to help ensure civil engineering courses are equipping young people with the necessary skills.

North West fellows to help deliver on apprenticeships

Support for apprenticeships was identified as a key area of focus for fellows and their respective organisaitons at the inaugural meeting of the ICE North West Fellows Network.

The fellows pledged to using their experience and expertise in supporting universities in the early days of teaching higher level apprentices. This included understanding the application of first principles as well as encouraging innovative solutions for real-life problems.

The push will help to deliver on targets for increased apprentices and support employers in having qualified and skilled staff coming through while making use of their Apprenticeship Levy fund.

Information on local universities delivering apprenticeship courses was circulated following the meeting. Plans are now underway for an event to bring more fellows together with the heads of the university courses.

Jason Hyde, ICE North West chair, said: “ICE fellows have a wealth of knowledge that many are keen to share, particularly supporting younger engineers through their careers.

By creating this network in the North West we are giving the fellows the chance to use their collective expertise, helping the industry remain at the forefront of transforming people’s lives.”

The ICE North West Fellows Network will be appointing a chair and setting out a plan of activity ahead of the next Regional Committee meeting on 2 September 2019.

Anyone interested in joining the network can register interest here.

  • Lynn Caddy, communications lead at Institution of Civil Engineers