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Pitch 200: Yorkshire and Humber winner impresses with bridge knowledge

21 May 2019

The graduate engineer hoped that his pitch gave the public better insight into why it's so important to look after our bridges.

Pitch 200: Yorkshire and Humber winner impresses with bridge knowledge

Grant Bellis has been crowned winner of ICE Yorkshire and Humber’s Pitch 200 regional final in York by explaining bridge maintenance.

The regional final saw the winners from the two heats in Hull and Sheffield come together to battle it out for the top spot.

Bellis took on Paula Kulczyk, John Aspinall, John Kamau, Thomas Wilkinson and Tarek Al Karfan to be declared the winner.

Last week's final in York saw Bellis draw on his experience as a graduate bridge engineer take the top spot, with second place going to John Kamau with his pitch on the sustainability of Corncob Ash as a supplementary cementitious material. In third place was John Aspinall from Hydrotec with his pitch on the effect of coastal defences on sediment transport.

Grant’s winning pitch focussed on bridge maintenance, discussing how bridges are maintained, explaining why maintenance of bridges is so important, how bridges are regularly inspected in the UK and the various means of access used to inspect the parts of a bridge.

He then discussed how the findings from inspections are used to inform maintenance works and provided a quick summary of how various elements of bridges are maintained and replaced.

Pitch 200 winner Grant Bellis with his trophy and certificate.

Grant said: "I’m delighted to have won the regional final. Civil engineering can seem like a dry topic to the uninitiated, but events like Pitch 200 really make it accessible and interesting for everyone.

"Bridge maintenance works are something which can affect a large number of public road users so I hope I can help to justify why they are needed and how we do try to minimise the disruption caused by them. Thank you to the event organisers and the judges."

Bellis will now take his winning presentation to the final in Belfast later this year where he'll battle it out against other regions for the top spot.

  • Tegan Chapman, Marketing Communications Executive