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Project 13 launches new online community network

09 March 2021

The Project 13 Network aims to help practitioners deliver infrastructure differently by putting the Project 13 Principles into practice.

Project 13 launches new online community network, a web-enabled community network to support people and organisations putting Project 13 Principles into practice, launches today (9 March 2021).

What is the Project 13 network?

The Project 13 Network is a community established to foster connections and collaboration across practitioners interested in adopting Project 13, and putting its principles into practice.

Project 13 adopters doubled in 2020, and a partnership has now been created with the World Economic Forum to transition this concept from a UK initiative to a global industry change movement.

The introduction of this online community creates opportunities to gain insights from practitioners and industry experts on how to build and manage infrastructure to achieve better outcomes.

Why Project 13?

The concept of Project 13 was first set out in ICE’s From Transactions to Enterprises.

The core message was that the transactional model for delivering major infrastructure projects and programmes is broken. It prevents efficient delivery, prohibits innovation and therefore fails to provide the high-performing infrastructure networks that businesses and the public need.

Project 13 and its enterprise approach was subsequently established to improve the way high-performing infrastructure is delivered and managed. It is expanding as an industry-led response to these problems, bringing together best practice from across industry in one delivery model.

Dale Evans, Chair Project 13, said: "This is another important step for Project 13. The participating organisations, openly sharing their enterprise learning and experience are the core of Project 13. With the new platform, this sharing becomes even more open and dynamic.

"I would encourage all those adopting or considering an enterprise model to join the Project 13 community.”

How to sign up to the Project 13 Network

By registering on the Project 13 Network, users will connect with other practitioners, experts and innovators sharing knowledge and experiences of delivering infrastructure more effectively.

Once registered, members will gain access to the Project 13 library, discussion forums, and gain insights first-hand from industry experts specialising in each of the Project 13 Pillars (Digital Transformation, Governance, Capable Owner, Integration, and Organisation).

For more information and to register, visit

  • Adam Kirkup, engineering communities manager at ICE