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Satisfaction remains high among ICE members

29 November 2023

The latest survey shows that members and other stakeholders remain satisfied with the institution and its work, but there's more that can be done. 

Satisfaction remains high among ICE members
The survey took place earlier this year. Image credit: Shutterstock

Members remain satisfied with the service being provided by the institution, according to the latest ICE survey.

The survey, which took place earlier this year, is held every few years and helps to create a responsive ICE that best serves the needs of members and others who engage with the institution.

The majority (92%) of respondents reported they were happy with the ICE overall, 67% of which were “very happy”.

These results are in line with results from the previous survey in 2021.

Some 77% of members said they “very much” agreed that the institution was “walking the walk” when it comes to delivering on its mission.

The ICE aims to improve lives by ensuring the world has the engineering capacity and infrastructure systems it needs to enable our planet and people to thrive.

Dr Janet Young, ICE director general, said the results showed the institution continues to move in the right direction.

“It’s encouraging that so many members continue to feel they get value from the service we provide.

“Being the home to civil and infrastructure engineers across the world is a privilege, and we are continually looking at improving the ways in which we support members across their careers so that they can create the infrastructure that society needs in a sustainable way.

“The survey offered us insight into areas for improvement. Thank you to those who took the time to share their views with us.”

Boosting volunteer numbers

There was a slight drop in overall membership engagement levels since 2021.

This has been attributed to fewer online and recorded events taking place – which saw a steep rise during the Covid pandemic.

A national decline in volunteering since 2013 is reflected in the ICE survey.

It has been more difficult to recruit reviewers, which in turn has created challenges in delivering some professional reviews.

The ICE is addressing this with a reviewer recruitment campaign to ensure it can continue to professionally qualify members

Addressing apprentices’ concerns

The survey also noted a decline in the satisfaction levels of apprentices.

This is likely to be linked to the degree format and the length of time it takes to complete, as well as the requirement to satisfy academic, vocational and professional qualifications.

The institution will be working closely with apprentices and the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) to address these concerns.

What happens next?

The survey’s findings will inform the work of the ICE and have been reviewed by the ICE Council and Trustee Board.

The ICE will be considering a range of programmes to address the key areas of concern including:

  • providing more networking opportunities;
  • engaging more with the public;
  • sharing the policy team’s work more widely; and
  • improving the ICE’s website and other digital communication channels.
  • Emma Beer, media relations manager at ICE