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Scottish Government urged to review infrastructure

08 February 2021

Following the publication of the Scottish Government’s Infrastructure Investment Plan and Capital Spending Review, ICE Scotland has called for an urgent review of the country’s infrastructure to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Scottish Government urged to review infrastructure

The Scottish Government must undertake an urgent review of the country’s infrastructure, ICE Scotland has said.

It follows the publication of the government’s spending commitments over the next five years which outlines a £33bn investment in, among other things, transport and the environment.

Welcoming the plan, ICE Scotland director Hannah Smith said: “We are delighted to see the Scottish Government has listened to ICE members and repeatedly emphasised the need to ensure our infrastructure is as resilient as possible, particularly to withstand the effects of extreme weather.

“The doubling of investment in not just maintenance, but also asset enhancement, is a welcome commitment."

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Collaboration needed

"To direct this investment correctly, industry and government must come together to deliver a strategic ‘resiliency audit’ - identifying priorities for action and the most meaningful interventions," Smith said.

“We look forward to working with the government, our members and other stakeholders to achieve the vision of infrastructure supporting Scotland’s resilience and enabling inclusive, net zero and sustainable growth.”

Spending boost

Infrastructure Secretary Michael Matheson said: “Since we published our draft IIP in September, we have received broad support for our world-leading approach and have increased the total spend by £2 billion to further boost our economic and green recovery from the pandemic.

“Our overall focus is on driving inclusive economic growth, the transition to net zero, and building resilient and sustainable places.

"This package of significant investment will support economic confidence in every corner of Scotland and send out a clear message that we will continue to do all we can to secure our recovery from coronavirus (COVID-19). In the process we will also be supporting over 45,000 jobs and building a strong future for Scotland."

  • Gordon Brown, communications lead at ICE