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Secondary school students in Hong Kong try their hand at civil engineering

04 May 2022

As part of a STEM campaign held in the region in February and March, young students learned about the profession and how it can promote social and economic development through a scenario-based competition.  

Secondary school students in Hong Kong try their hand at civil engineering

Secondary school students in Hong Kong participated in a scenario-based project competition to learn about the importance of civil engineering.

As part of Shaping Our Future City (SOFC), the students learned about the profession and how it can be vital for the social and economic development of Hong Kong.

SOFC is an ICE Hong Kong Association (HKA) Graduate and Students Division (G&S) annual campaign organised for secondary schools to foster prospective young engineers.

Around 50 secondary school students gathered online on 19 February 2022 to kick-start the campaign.

They were briefed on the imaginary scenario, set in the post-Covid-19 era.

They were challenged to put forward a proposal for the redevelopment of Penny’s Bay Quarantine Centre Site into a sports-themed public space

In addition to preparing a development master plan, students were also encouraged to design a low-rise sports complex structure within the site and consider the impact of the development on our community and environment.

Learning about key concepts of civil and structural engineering

On 12 March 2022, Dr Chan Tak Ming from Hong Kong Polytechnic University spoke to students about key concepts in civil and structural engineering at the second online event.

Students also presented their initial ideas on the redevelopment project proposal to experienced engineers.

They discussed principles of sustainable development, structural design of sports complexes, and innovative application of technologies.

The final event of the competition will be held in June 2022.

Students will present their full proposal for the development to a panel of judges.

Then, they will participate in a forum, where they’ll learn about the roles, responsibilities and concerns of different stakeholders through role play.

The HKA G&S Division

ICE HKA G&S is a sub-division of the HKA and looks after interests of the institution’s graduates and student members in the region.

The sub-division aims at promoting and encouraging acquisition of knowledge by members in matters related to the engineering profession.

It holds a variety of activities to foster both professional and personal development of young members.

These range from technical site visits, seminars, delegations, competitions, volunteering services, soft-skill training and social events.

ICE HKA G&S also co-organises events with different learned societies to broaden members' horizons and networks.

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