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Seth Schultz to present ICE’s 13th Brunel International Lecture Series

22 October 2020

The latest edition of the series will kick off in December 2020 before travelling virtually around the the world, exploring how the engineering community can deliver a carbon-neutral and resilient society by mid-century.

Seth Schultz to present ICE’s 13th Brunel International Lecture Series

Seth Schultz, Executive Director of The Resilience Shift and co-founder of the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI), will present the 13th edition of the Brunel International Lecture Series, which begins on 2 December 2020.

Entitled 21st Century Leadership is Partnership: How a Coalition of the World’s Engineers can Change the World, the series will explore how the engineering community can deliver a carbon-neutral and resilient society by mid-century.

The Brunel International Lecture series - established in 1999 in memory of Isambard Kingdom Brunel - informs and influences audiences globally, with each edition’s lecturer specifically selected for their contribution to civil engineering.

While previously delivered in-person, the latest series will take place online, running for 12 months from 2 December 2020.

Travelling virtually around the world, through a programme of live online events, Schultz will present his lecture alongside a regional panel of key industry thought leaders. From both a global and local perspective, they will debate some of the biggest issues facing the planet and the profession, before answering audience questions.

About the event

The 13th Brunel International Lecture Series will consider what it is to be an engineer, and whether this meets the needs of a future workforce that can deliver resilient and sustainable systems. Asking whether engineers need to think differently to deal with the significant uncertainty that the world is facing globally, the lecture will discuss how systems engineering and understanding is needed to bring everything together, and that engineers are well placed to deal with the complex systemic challenges ahead of us.

The series will discuss - globally and locally - what it is to be an engineer, the current practices, the gaps in capabilities and in the workforce, particularly thinking about the need for more women, alongside a more geopolitically diverse workforce, in engineering.

The opening lecture will see ICE President-elect, Rachel Skinner, based in London, welcome Seth, based in New York, and attendees. The 2020-21 series will then go on to visit the following regions virtually:

  • East Asia on 6 January 2021 at 7pm (KHST)
  • Europe on 3 February 2021 at 6pm (CET)
  • Middle East and North Africa on 3 March 2021 at 6pm (GST)
  • Africa on 8 June 2021 at 6pm (SAST)
  • South Asia in September 2021
  • Australasia / South East Asia in October 2021
  • Americas in December 2021

Dates and times TBC.

Seth Schultz said: “I am honoured to have been appointed lecturer of the 13th Brunel International Lecture Series. Climate change, globalisation, urbanisation and technological evolution mean that engineers are operating under the stress of significant uncertainty. The lecture series will explore what is needed from the engineering community to deliver a carbon neutral and resilient society by mid-century. I look forward to working with ICE to ensure our future world is better and safer.”

Rachel Skinner, incoming ICE President, said: “It is my pleasure to welcome Seth as our lecturer for the latest instalment of this prestigious series. As always, our aim is to engage with the ICE’s global engineering community and raise awareness of the key issues facing the industry, of which there are none more crucial than the quest for net-zero carbon.

“I look forward to discussing this topic myself during the opening lecture of the series before the series drills down into the obstacles and opportunities that exist around carbon reduction across the world over the next year.”

About the lecturer

Seth Schultz is Executive Director of The Resilience Shift, a global initiative focused on making the world safer through resilient infrastructure. Seth is leading work to accelerate the theory and practice of resilience for critical infrastructure systems. He has a long track record of building consensus and initiating change in sustainable development and urban resilience.

With a 20-year career as a geologist and environmental scientist, Seth has worked with leading organisations to drive change in urban sustainability and raise awareness of the role of cities in tackling climate change. He is a founding partner of the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure, a global coalition from across the engineering, investment, city and philanthropic communities that sees engineers as a catalyst for the action needed to deliver infrastructure climate adaptation and resilience.

ICE Presidential Address

Register for incoming ICE President Rachel Skinner’s Presidential Address on 3 November.

  • Matthew Rogerson, media relations executive at ICE