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Slow progress is not enough – we need more women in engineering

23 June 2020

Understanding what inspired current women in engineering will help us attract more women engineers in future says ICE NW Director Emma Antrobus.

Slow progress is not enough – we need more women in engineering
ICE NW Director Emma Antrobus.

A recent survey of Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) North West female members is helping us understand what inspires women to get into engineering – and how we can apply this information to help encourage future women engineers.

The majority of our respondents cited that being good at STEM subjects (66%) was a clear factor together with a desire to find solutions to problems (47%) and the ability to make a difference and help shape the world (35%).

Emma Antrobus, ICE North West director, said: “For many reasons, women and girls are significantly under-represented in many industries. Engineering is one of those.

“However, we also know that a diverse workforce brings about many benefits and ultimately helps ensure that civil engineering schemes meet the needs of a wide range of users.

“We need to continue to help younger girls and women foster their love of STEM subjects. We need more role models and active mentoring, for junior, middle and senior women. And we need benchmarking against other industries and countries to support better decision-making in the board room.”

Share knowledge to help future engineers

On average 12% of ICE engineers in the North West are female. For women under 30 it is almost 20% yet only 4% of our fellows, our highest grade of membership, are female – against a membership average of 6%.

All ICE members are encouraged to take part in the debate and engage on social media as part of International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) 2020.

In particular, women engineers are encouraged to share their knowledge to help future engineers - as a mentor, STEM ambassador or as a more informal supporter – and to help make diversity the norm by participating in panels and speaking at events.

Please contact [email protected] for more information on involvement, membership, fellowship and more.

  • Emma Antrobus, regional director at Institution of Civil Engineers, North West