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The NHS needs more engineers to help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic

14 April 2020

The Royal Academy of Engineering on behalf of the NHS is once again calling on the technical expertise of civil engineers to help the Health Service amid the current COVID-19 health crisis. 

The NHS needs more engineers to help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic
Royal Academy Of Engineering

Recently, ICE was approached by the Royal Academy of Engineering, on behalf of the NHS, to ask if we as a Professional Engineering Institution could support the NHS in providing technical expertise to the Health Service over the coming weeks. Over 600 members of the engineering community answered the initial call.

Now, a number of new medical facilities are being built across the UK to treat patients with COVID-19, and existing facilities are increasing capacity in specialist areas. Following the previous call for support in London, Manchester, and Birmingham, the call has now been reissued and extended across the UK, in preparation for anticipated auxiliary support in the coming weeks.

The effective delivery of clinical care will only be achieved if engineers and technicians work alongside their clinical counterparts.

Time is of the essence and it is likely that we will need volunteers on site and in the regional hospitals within the week.

If you think you can help, please complete this online form to register on the database. The Royal Academy of Engineering has agreed to maintain this database but selection will be made by the NHS Team based on need.

Please view the job description and register your interest.

You can view the full Royal Academy call for volunteers on their website.

Register today

  • Simon Creer, communications director at ICE