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Three ways to access ICE Publishing journals  

27 January 2021

Books aren't the only way to earn CPD points with ICE Publishing. Here, we look at how you can access the latest journal papers.  

Three ways to access ICE Publishing journals  

ICE Publishing’s wide range of journals and books provide real world impact and a gold-standard reference point for industry and academia, all of which count towards your CPD.

While we've previously talked to you about books, this time we'd like to share with you the different ways you can access our journals.

Civil Engineering

Our flagship member journal, Civil Engineering, publishes four standard online issues a year. It's a member benefit and exclusive digital copies are emailed to you and included in your member newsletter.

Civil Engineering also publishes two special issues a year. These provide members with an indispensable record of recent major projects, such as the Great Western railway electrification, and hot topics such as offsite construction.

They are available to members from £25.80 a year and come with exclusive video interviews with paper authors.We email subscribers their exclusive digital copy, which is available to read on ICE Virtual Library via your MyICE subscriptions.

Save up to 90% on all other journal subscriptions

Our journals cover civil and environmental engineering and materials sciences, and capture the dialogue between academic and industry research partners.

We deliver expert specialist knowledge through our 19 specialist engineering journals (ICE Proceedings suite) which each focus on a sub-discipline of civil engineering, 11 leading research journals (such as Géotechnique and Magazine of Concrete Research) and our five materials science journals.

All of these are available to members at exclusive discounted prices. To read any that you've subscribed to, log into MyICE and view your subscriptions. When you click on them, you’ll be taken to ICE Virtual Library, where our journals are hosted online, and you’ll be able to read the papers you’ve paid for.

In addition, we'll provide you with complimentary access to both recently accepted articles (before they appear in an issue) and three preceding years of journal papers.

Three ways to ensure you can access your latest issues

As many of the journals are now published online only, we recommend that you take the following steps to ensure you can stay up-to-date and read the work that matters to you.

  • Check your email preferences – are you signed up to ICE Publishing emails in MyICE? Is ICE Publishing on your email safe list?
  • Sign up for content alerts on ICE Virtual Library to never miss a paper.
  • Login to MyICE to check your subscriptions are up-to-date and click through to read your latest issues on ICE Virtual Library.

You can search all of our eBooks and journal papers on ICE Virtual Library. If you have any questions about access, please contact [email protected].

  • Caitlin Flint, publishing marketing manager at ICE Publishing