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Trustee Board April 2019 update

14 May 2019

Andrew Wyllie, ICE President, shares what was discussed at the Trustee Board meeting held on 16 April 2019.

 Trustee Board April 2019 update

The Trustee Board spent the first part of the meeting reviewing the financial health of the Institution focusing on the next five years. In the discussion the Trustees recognised that there would need to be tradeoffs between the resources available, the scale of the Institution’s ambition and our collective priorities.

In reviewing the ICE strategy, the Board considered how opportunities provided by new digital technologies are changing the way in which infrastructure is planned, procured, delivered and operated. The Board noted that these exciting developments will have a growing impact on civil engineering and civil engineers and therefore on how the ICE fulfils its purpose and delivers its activities in future.

Project Telford

The Trustee Board was also provided with an update on Project Telford – the work being done to replace the MEMSYS membership database and CRM system. The Project Board, chaired by SVP Paul Sheffield, recommended to Trustees that tender documents be prepared to go out to market given the research and preparation work conducted to date.

Trustee Board agreed that the Project Team should test the market to find the best solution for the Institution and issue tender documents as soon as possible. The project board will retain oversight of the tender process and Trustee Board will review the findings of the tender process in Q4 2019.

Annual report

The ICE annual report and accounts for 2018 were presented to Trustee Board for their consideration. These highlight the many successes of the Institution during its bicentenary year.

Whilst much of the report was statutory reporting of accounts, during 2018 the Institution saw levels of membership engagement throughout the world and across the engineering community unlike ever before. The ICE used the year to reach out to the public and help them understand how civil engineering transforms their lives, safeguards the future and what a richly rewarding and creative career it can be. The membership used their wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to lead and deliver a variety of activities to showcase the world of civil engineering and raise awareness of the profession.

Presidential Commission

Past President David Orr provided an update on the Presidential Commission, which he is leading into the governance of ICE.

This was part of the Stage 1 consultations on the key principles and issues for the good governance of an institution like ICE.

The Commission is undertaking its work in three stages:

  1. The current stage will consider the key principles and issues for good governance. This will include taking evidence and submissions from ICE members and stakeholders, discussions with the main ICE Boards and Committees, consulting the Specialist Knowledge Societies and reviewing the governance of comparator organisations.
  2. Developing Options for Future ICE Governance. The Commission will consider the evidence gathered and look at the options for future governance of the ICE.
  3. Consulting and Reporting on Future Options. The Commission will consult widely on the emerging options before finalising its recommendations to the Council and Trustee Board towards the end of 2019.

There will be a further opportunity to comment following Stage 2, when the Commission publishes its interim report for consultation. The Commission hopes to consult the Trustee Board and Council on this at their meetings on 23 July 2019.

You can see the Commission’s Terms of Reference, its membership and a range of other material on its web page:

The Trustee Board also formally approved Past President Richard Coackley CBE as the Reservoirs Committee Chair until November 2020.

Trustee Board are due to meet again in June 2019.

  • Andrew Wyllie, Institution of Civil Engineers' (ICE) 154th president