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Trustee Board election: your chance to stand

21 January 2022

ICE is seeking one new trustee to oversee the professional conduct and ethics portfolio.

Trustee Board election: your chance to stand
The Trustee Board is the most senior decision-making body within ICE.

The ICE is governed by a board of 12 trustees, four of which are directly elected by eligible members.

Voting takes place annually in the ICE ballot, which opens in June. The directly elected trustee will then take up their post in November 2022 and, subject to annual confirmation by the ICE Council, will serve for three years.

Trusteeship comes with significant responsibilities and duties as set out by the UK Charity Commission. Trustees are responsible for all aspects of the institution, including the implementation and oversight of ICE's strategy, regulatory and legal compliance, as well as maintaining the reputation and standing of the institution.

The primary role of a trustee is to act in the best interests of the institution to maintain its reputation, set its vision and strategy, and to direct its activities. The duties and responsibilities of an ICE trustee can be found in the Trustee Role Description.

Each trustee is also responsible for a portfolio. This year the vacancy is for a trustee for Professional Conduct and Ethics.

Trustees have drawn up a profile of skills and experience required of those looking to apply for this position.

Trustee for Professional Conduct and Ethics

This trustee will chair the ICE Ethics Panel. This appointment oversees all aspects of the institution's professional conduct regime. However, the trustee is not a member of the Professional Conduct Panel or Disciplinary Board.

It is highly desirable that this trustee has knowledge and in-depth understanding of professional conduct processes (either from ICE or other professional bodies).

Legal training is not required but it would be an advantage (especially if that experience could be more broadly drawn on by the Trustee Board when debating other issues of note). Experience as either an arbitrator or adjudicator is desirable but not essential.

Appointing high-calibre people from diverse backgrounds with relevant skills, knowledge and experience to the boards of ICE will help us to ensure that our work is more effective, resilient and accountable. For that reason, we positively welcome applicants from all backgrounds.

How to make a nomination

Nominations are now closed.

To learn more about the Trustee Board elections, visit the governance webpage or send your query to the governence team.

  • Jack Buckee, information manager at ICE