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Trustee Board update June 2019

02 July 2019

As the Institution moves through its planning phase for 2020 and beyond, President Andrew Wyllie CBE shares his regular update from the latest Trustee Board meeting.

Trustee Board update June 2019

The Trustee Board convened on 25 June 2019 to discuss, among other things, the strategy and direction of the Institution for the next three years. Trustees had the opportunity to review the draft three-year plan for the Institution, which has been designed to be ambitious, incorporate the key issues currently being discussed by Council and to take into account the rapidly changing nature of the infrastructure industry.

The plan recognises that the Institution has a role in supporting the members in keeping pace with this change and to inform decision makers and policy makers who help drive this change.

There are three important elements upon which the plan for the ICE is grounded, namely; growing a diverse, inclusive and professionally qualified membership in which society has confidence; assuring society that infrastructure professionals can be trusted throughout their career by ensuring they have the knowledge to operate effectively; and working with others to take a leading role in the global infrastructure debate.

The plan includes the replacement of the current membership database.

The trustees approved this strategic direction and asked that a fully costed, prioritised and detailed plan be submitted to them during Q3 of this year.

Board effectiveness

In line with recognised governance best practice, we have undertaken our annual Board performance and effectiveness review. Together we assessed where our collective strengths and weaknesses as a board and openly considered options where improvements could be made and success re-enforced.

Whilst recognising that much is done very well, there were areas identified for further improvement particularly relating to ensuring we had the right mix of skills and experience within the Board in a rapidly changing market environment.

Building Committee

The Building Committee presented an outline for their proposed 2020 to 2022 programme of works for both the Eight Storey’s Gate and One Great George Street buildings. They were asked to review each element of the major works in terms of the nature of the issue and then prioritise and present back to the Trustee Board.

Washington Accord

We were also given an update on the ongoing issue related to the Washington Accord (WA). The good news is that this long-running issue has finally been resolved resulting in no change to the status quo.

The WA is an international agreement among bodies responsible for accrediting undergraduate engineering degree programmes. Through the endeavours of the Engineering Council at the International Engineering Alliance (IEA) meeting in Hong Kong on June 12th 2019, the signatories of the WA voted in favour of the UK’s position. This requires all engineering graduates to be able to demonstrate master’s level learning in order to proceed to charted engineer.

This means that all the WA signatories have accepted that the UK will require further learning to Master’s level for WA Bachelor graduates from 2019 graduation. The matter is now closed with the WA.

Nomination committee

The Trustee Board approved the procedure the ICE Nomination Committee (NOMCO) should follow for the selection of a new chair of the ICE Audit Committee and to fill the vacancies arising on NOMCO.

Appointment to the Audit Committee is restricted to current members of Council. The chair of the ICE Audit Committee will be nominated by NOMCO and approved by the Trustee Board at its meeting in July 2019.

The Council will directly appoint the two vacancies arising on NOMCO for the 2019-20 session.

The Trustees are due to meet again in July.

  • Anh Nguyen, content strategy manager at ICE