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Trustee Board update June 2022

01 July 2022

In the second Trustee Board of the year trustees discussed CPD, the ICE Plan, and the conclusion of the governance review.

Trustee Board update June 2022
ICE President Ed McCann gives an update from the latest Trustee Board meeting.

June’s Trustee Board meeting was the penultimate of my presidential term. It saw trustees cover a packed agenda, with some of these having long-term implications for the institution.

Continuing Professional Development 

With the institution marking the five-year anniversary of the Grenfell Tower tragedy this month, the discussion around CPD was timely.

As a result of recommendations made in the ICE’s In Plain Sight report, a framework has been introduced this year which specifies a core set of recommended topics alongside discipline-specific topics.

Trustees debated a series of questions around the topics to be covered in members’ CPD, and the implications of doing so.

It was widely accepted that the public looked to the profession to ensure its members are competent.

They also agreed that CPD must be supportive, and the process should not be unduly burdensome.

They agreed that employer-led training in these areas could be accepted as proof of CPD, alongside the ICE Knowledge Hub content.

ICE Plan

Trustees agreed that the draft rolling plan for 2023-27 represents a useful evolution of the 2022-25 plan and sets out a clear direction for the institution.

The trustees reaffirmed that the institution’s mission should be to improve lives by supporting the delivery of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

It is clear that the institution will need to continue to work with global partners to ensure that the profession takes a joined-up approach to achieving this.

Once Council has commented on the plan, it will be circulated to key committees and panels to allow them to develop their supporting plans over the summer.

Trustees will review the final recommendations ahead of agreeing a budget in November for its delivery, beginning next year.


Senior Vice President Keith Howells provided his conclusions from his governance review into roles and responsibilities of the president, Trustee Board, and the director general & secretary.

Trustees agreed that review had been a thorough exercise in helping the institution to understand risks to its governance.

Trustees were pleased to hear that generally, the institution is well governed, particularly around financial aspects.

It was agreed that good governance practices hinge on making sound, competent appointments.

The report, which will be published in the near future, makes recommendations which the institution will work with Keith to implement.

ICE’s Audit Committee will also be asked to conduct a review of the Remuneration Committee model.

Subscription fees

The very high-levels of inflation and the cost-of-living increases that we are seeing are being felt by us all.

It is not lost on the trustees that members’ finances are being squeezed in many directions.

ICE’s subscription rate has been frozen for the last two years in reflection of the difficult circumstances that the pandemic imposed on members.

Trustees discussed potential options around subscription fees and maintained the practice of offering reduced fees to those in certain circumstances and members are encouraged to check eligibility.

Anti-racism toolkit

The institution’s Anti-Racism toolkit was widely welcomed when it was launched in 2021.

Produced in conjunction with the Association for Black Engineers (AFBE), the toolkit is designed to provide SMEs, who may not have access to the same resources as larger organisations, with tools to allow them to explore vital discussions around race in the workplace with their teams.

Since its launch, the institution has been listening to feedback from members and an improved toolkit will shortly be released which includes third-party content from industry partners.

Trustees were pleased to see that the important work to offer advice, knowledge and advocacy in this area continues.

  • Ed McCann, Senior Director at Expedition Engineering