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Trustee Board update – November 2019

26 November 2019

Paul Sheffield shares an update from his first Trustee Board meeting as ICE president.

Trustee Board update – November 2019

Your Trustee Board held its first meeting of the new session this month. We welcomed our new trustees, Liz Waugh, Richard Threlfall, John Beck, Keith Howells and Emma Kent, to the team, before having a productive discussion about the direction of the Institution.

The main items on the agenda were to hear from David Orr on the details of his final report for the Presidential Commission into Governance, finalising the budget, assessing and distributing the trustees’ portfolios, and taking forward the actions from the annual strategy meeting in October.

The Presidential Commission

David Orr presented to the board with his final report and 20 findings. He highlighted that the Commission’s advisory role is now concluded and the decision-making now rests with Council.

David and the Trustee Board extended their thanks to all the members of the Commission who have worked hard throughout the year.

The next steps are for David to present his final report to Council in December before the report is published for the membership.

Trustees welcome the Commission’s view that the changes made in 2018 were the correct direction of travel. Trustees also recognised that the Commission has correctly identified a number of areas that need further refinement. They are very keen to hear Council’s advice after its consideration of the report.

Recognising that the operation of Nominations Committee (NOMCO) is clearly going to be of great importance to ensuring we retain the diversity of thought required on a trustee board, it was agreed that David Porter should be asked to lead a piece of work on how the NOMCO should work.

More informaton on the Commission and the final report can be found on the Commission's page.

Engaging students and graduates

Following the discussions at the July Council, the Trustee Board discussed how the Institution can better engage with our student and graduate members. This followed on from the debate about voting rights.

On reflection, trustees believe that rather than concentrating on the particular issue of voting rights, the Institution should look much harder at how we engage with, and value, our aspiring membership.

Trustees have asked that a discussion paper be circulated for the December Council, and that Council members canvas views before that meeting to ensure a fully informed debate.

In parallel, trustees have asked Ed McCann and Emma Kent to lead a piece of work with aspiring members and to report back to Council in April with recommendations.


The Trustees reviewed and approved the budget for 2020, noting the risks to delivery that exist due to economic and political uncertainty in key markets and locations. The efforts to keep a tight rein on expenditure during this time were noted.

The budget includes substantial investment in development of the new membership system to deliver a modern, functional and user-friendly system that ensures a better service to members.


We also took time to discuss the Institution and the risk of cyber-crime and data security.

Acknowledging the clear risk that a cyber-attack presents to the Institution, Trustees reviewed security arrangements in place for the ICE digital landscape, including the network and physical infrastructure, critical data storage and staff working and training arrangements.

The Trustee Board satisfied itself that the management of the ICE Group has the necessary prevention arrangements and security protocols in place to protect the Institution, as far as reasonably practicable, from this threat. It was also confirmed that the disaster recovery suite was located outside London.

Taking forward the Annual Strategy Meeting

We took this first opportunity to reflect on the wealth of information discussed during the annual strategy meeting.

There is much that could be done to energise the quality and quantity of insight and knowledge produced by the ICE. Trustees have asked that proposals be discussed at Council next month.

Revising trustee portfolios

In light of David Orr’s review and the significant issues facing society as we learnt during the annual strategy meeting, trustees have been assessing how the Trustee Board will operate going forward, noting the Presidential Commission’s recommendation that every trustee should take on an individual portfolio.

The replacement of MEMSYS

Project Telford is the programme to replace the ICE’s primary membership database (MEMSYS) that powers MyICE, among other member processes.

The Trustee Board has approved the appointment of Trillium for the discovery and build phases of the project.

The Trustee Board also approved the appointment of Hart Square to supply project management services to ICE. Hart Square is a leading consultant in the not-for-profit CRM market, and is uniquely suited to support ICE in this project.

  • Paul Sheffield, President 2019-2020 at ICE