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Trustee Board update September 2019

01 October 2019

President Andrew Wyllie CBE shares his regular update from the latest Trustee Board meeting.

Trustee Board update September 2019

Your Trustee Board met on 24 September to review the latest draft of the three-year plan for the institution, prepare for the Annual Strategy Meeting to be held with Council in October, and hear the results of the 2019 Membership Satisfaction Survey.

The plan, which covers the period from 2020 – 2022, places membership services, knowledge and the next generation of our membership right at the heart of the institution’s work. The plan also recognises the critical part infrastructure has to play in supporting economic and social wellbeing both in the UK and globally.

Following on from our successful 2018 Global Engineering Congress and reflecting the views of our members in our latest membership survey, we plan to work closely with other appropriate organisations to ensure that the global engineering profession is at the heart of delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We shall be particularly focusing next year on the implications of global population expansion, climate change, and how we can work with others to achieve net-zero carbon targets.

In support of the business plan, the Trustee Board was given a summary of the proposed financial budget and an update on the current financial performance. The plan and the budget take into account the significant investments that the institution is planning to implement, such as replacing the membership database and the need to move to a digital-first delivery model.

Annual strategy meeting

Your Trustee Board and Council will be taking part in their Annual Strategy Meeting during October.

The Board discussed how to make the best of this important opportunity and to use the expertise and knowledge within Council to debate and agree our future agenda including priorities for the Learning Society.

Membership survey

We were provided with an initial overview of the results of the recent Membership Satisfaction Survey.

p>This latest biennial survey also allows direct comparisons to be made between our 2017 and 2019 performance; it also provides insights into all areas of ICE Group activity. The main findings show significant improvement across ICE Group.

Of note is that ICE Group has now moved into pole position among UK professional engineering institutions recording a four-point improvement in performance and service.

All areas identified as requiring improvement in 2017 have been addressed. The 2019 report recognised significant improvements in routes to qualification, Membership Development Office interaction, ICE customer service, university engagement, regional delivery, international activity, knowledge products, Thomas Telford Ltd products, policy and public voice impact.

Areas identified as warranting further reinforcement include the marketing of the VLE and post-Global Engineering Congress workstreams where awareness remains low, and further investment in digital platforms to allow greater communications reach, particularly in the international space.

This survey feedback will form the foundation of an action plan ensuring that we listen and properly respond to the requirements of our whole membership, and therefore the institution will shortly share more detailed analysis of the survey and an outline of how it intends to respond.

Next meeting

The Trustee Board will meet again on 19 November 2019, at which it will finalise the budget and consider the recommendations of the presidential commission’s work into ICE’s governance.

  • Simon Creer, communications director at ICE