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Trustee Board Update September 2020

23 September 2020

In their latest online meeting update for September, the Trustee Board members discussed the overall direction of the Institution and the forthcoming business plan.


Trustee Board Update September 2020

Despite the continuing uncertainty many face due to the changing restrictions of coronavirus around the world, your Trustee Board was again able to convene remotely and discuss the overall direction of the Institution, and the exciting business plan we have in place for the coming years.

The plan will put into place the strategic direction this group identified this year in spite of the changes wrought in recent months. It is our sincere belief that no matter the economic, social and health impacts the future may hold your institution will still be able to deliver high quality content and representation for all of our members.

New Civil Engineer

As many of you will be aware the publication and production of New Civil Engineer (NCE) is carried out by a third-party – Metopolis/EMAP. As part of that relationship and agreement the Managing Director of Metropolis presented to the Trustee Board an outline of their future plans for the magazine.

There are some hard realities that we must face with regards to the way we distribute the magazine and ensure that we maintain the high level of quality content that you have come to enjoy, be that through digital channels, or hard copy. However, there are good lessons to be learnt from the two months of this year, during which coronavirus required EMAP issue two digital editions. We need to make it easier for members to switch to digital copies and to further explore how digital can be made more interactive to improve reader experience.

Business plan 2021-2023

Having agreed the business plan at our previous meeting, with an absolute focus on the social value of civil engineering and infrastructure, the board received an update from the Director General on how this will now be delivered through the working of the restructured institution. All of the working assumptions are predicated on the current and potential future situations regarding coronavirus. We also recognise that this is built on a foundational assumption that as an institution we become digital first.

The director of membership is now responsible for providing support mechanisms for members to help them to maintain their professional competence. The director of engineering knowledge will be ensuring that our knowledge programme meets both people’s needs, and interests. As this programme continues to roll out we will build on rich content for all career levels, with weekly updates available nationally and regionally.

The reshaped policy and public affairs team will focus on the three key questions we get around infrastructure investment, intervention and strategy. At the same time, they will concentrate on increasing ICE’s influence not only in Westminster but across regions inside and outside UK. This will become increasingly important as the Government further devolves powers away from London over time.

We also recognise the importance of making sure there is a clear line of communication between the Trustee Board’s strategy setting and the various sections of the organisation such as the communities of practice if this delivery model is to be a success.

Voting rights

Trustees accepted the Council’s recommendation to extend voting rights to Engineering Technician members. They agreed that this proposal will be put to a full member ballot next year.

Trustee and presidential terms of reference

In a continued effort to adopt the recommendations of the 2019 Orr Commission and self-assessment to which this board has committed we also reviewed a new set of terms of reference for both the Trustees and the president, which once fully approved and finalised will be available on the website’s governance pages.

We also took the opportunity to horizon scan for the required skills and experience that the Trustee Board would require in the future whilst ensuring that diversity of thought was a key asset.

Project Connect

The project to replace the Institution’s database also continues and the Trustee Board is keeping a close eye on its progress and the requirements that are developing through that programme.

Your Trustee Board will meet again in November.

  • Paul Sheffield, President 2019-2020 at ICE