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Trustee Board update

29 November 2018

Andrew Wyllie, ICE President, shares what was discussed at the Institution's first Trustee Board meeting.

Trustee Board update
Andrew Wyllie ICE president 2018-2019

Your Trustee Board met for its inaugural meeting on 20 November 2018. Along with agreeing the budget for 2019, the business plan 2019-2021 and debating the international strategy, we also discussed the importance of creating an effective relationship between the Trustee Board and Council.

Relationship with ICE Council

An effective relationship between the Trustee Board and Council is fundamental to our continuing success.

As the direct representatives of the wider membership, it is expected that Council will set their own agenda and communicate to all members their recommendations and decisions.

To ensure two-way contribution to addressing policy, strategy and membership issues, Trustee Board suggested proposing a broad framework of topics that Council may wish to consider in depth and make recommendations on behalf of members.

Likewise, Council is expected to make recommendations to the Trustee Board on key issues associated with the future success of the ICE.

It was also recognised that individual members of the Trustee Board must increase their engagement and communication with the wider membership. The increasing potential to use various social media channels for this purpose was discussed.

ICE Council will discuss this further at their upcoming meeting on 11 December 2018.


The Board also discussed ways in which the Institution can improve its support and reach internationally.

CK Mak, the Vice President for International Affairs led a discussion on the needs of our international members, the role the ICE should play globally, and how we can use the relationships we cemented at last month’s Global Engineering Congress to ensure engineers really can deliver the work necessary in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Trustee Board will review a consultation draft in early 2019 and will then engage ICE Council on how they can help deliver the new approach.

Business Plan 2019-2021

ICE’s business plan was agreed by the Board.

The Council has set the following vision for the Institution for 2025: The ICE will transform lives by helping build a sustainable world.

In so doing the institution aims to provide a diverse, inclusive and professionally qualified membership in which society has confidence; to assure society that infrastructure professionals can be trusted throughout their career; and to lead the global infrastructure debate


I am pleased to be able to announce that Past President Lord Robert Mair was appointed Chair of the Nomination Committee (NOMCO) and Past President Professor David Balmforth was appointed Chair of the Appeals Selection Panel.

The Board will next meet on 26 February 2019 and I will continue to communicate updates to members on discussions from each Board meeting.

  • Andrew Wyllie, Institution of Civil Engineers' (ICE) 154th president