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UN75: Sustainable Engineering in Action book published

16 November 2020

A webinar today marked the launch of UN75: Sustainable Engineering in Action, with a 40% discount available to ICE members on hard copies.  

UN75: Sustainable Engineering in Action book published

Today sees the launch of UN75: Sustainable Engineering in Action,the latest in the series of ICE books produced in partnership with publisher Artifice Press.

This publication helps raise awareness of the vital need for sustainable development and infrastructure, and highlights the role that engineering has to play in tackling the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

ICE was there at the start of the UN, as on November 16th in 1945, the UNESCO charter was signed and the first ever UNESCO meeting took place in the Great Hall, One Great George Street. This book celebrates both the 75th year of the UN and the progress in engineering sustainability over this time.

UN75: Sustainable Engineering in Action book

Infrastructure is key to sustainable development; it influences all 17 SDGs, and in turn they all impact deeply, and increasingly, upon the whole infrastructure sector. We need civil engineers to increasingly use the SDGs in their work, to make society and the world more sustainable.

UN75: Sustainable Engineering in Action presents stories of engineering innovation, and engineering sustainability developing as a mindset within the built environment sector, throughout its 272 pages.

These stories explore engineering sustainability in action from across the industry and in those associated with it, including contributions from consultants, international agencies, infrastructure organisations, environmental firms and educational institutions.

ICE members can get a hard copy at a 40% discounted price here.

The digital version of the publication is to download now.

  • Charles Jensen, knowledge content producer at ICE