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Vote now on the ‘Chartered Infrastructure Engineer’ title

01 February 2022

Members can now vote in the 2022 ballot where they will be asked to approve changes to the Royal Charter and By-laws.

Vote now on the ‘Chartered Infrastructure Engineer’ title
Voting is open now – cast your vote before 1 March.

ICE members are being encouraged to use their vote and have their say in the Chartered Infrastructure Engineer (CIE) ballot opening today, 01 February 2022.

Members will be asked to vote on a resolution about the introduction of the proposed new protected title.

Why should I vote?

With the intention of broadening the knowledge base within the institution, the ICE Trustee Board and Council has recommended changes to the Royal Charter and By-laws to vote on a resolution that would enable the institution to acquire the rights to the title of ‘Chartered Infrastructure Engineer’, much in the same way ICE acquired the ‘Chartered Civil Engineer’ title almost a century ago.

Both Trustees and Council see this as a significant opportunity for the institution, and one which would reinforce ICE's position as the 'home of infrastructure'.

How to vote

All eligible members that are registered with MyICE will have received details on how to vote via [email protected] email.

Alternatively, those who have not registered with a valid email address, or have opted out of voting online, will receive a voting pack in the coming days by post.

The vote will be administered by Civica Election Services (CES), the independent body that will scrutinise the votes and ensure the integrity of the ballot.

If you have not received your ballot email or postal pack, or have any questions about how to vote, please contact support or the governance team.

Further information

Voting is open until 01 March 2022.

For more information, contact the governance team.

  • Pat Marsh, head of governance at ICE