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Which ICE president’s portrait do you want to know more about? Have your say

08 July 2024

The institution is reviewing how artwork at One Great George Street (OGGS) can be better used to promote the work of civil engineers.

Which ICE president’s portrait do you want to know more about? Have your say
One Great George Street is home to a large collection of historic artwork. Image credit:

The ICE is calling for people to nominate which portrait on the Presidents’ Staircase in One Great George Street they’d like to learn more about.

It’s part of a project by the ICE Artwork Review Subcommittee to make the historic artwork at its headquarters in London more accessible and engaging for visitors.

The winning portraits will have captions added to give more information (or ‘interpretation’) about the achievements of the portrait subjects, hidden messages and interesting imagery.

‘Better interpretation’

With more than 170 works, the ICE holds one of the largest collection of engineers’ portraits in the world.

Most of these are of past ICE presidents, with many found on the walls of the Presidents’ Staircase in OGGS.

At present, the portraits only provide the name of the president, their time in office and the artist.

The subcommittee has consulted members and users of OGGS to decide how to improve the visitor experience.

“Our findings revealed a deep interest in the artwork and history of the ICE and support for better interpretation throughout the building,” it said.

Have your say

To tell the subcommittee which portrait you’d like to learn more about, email Victoria Kingston, [email protected] by Friday 19 July 2024.

The subcommittee will review the results and reveal which captions will be installed on the Presidents’ Staircase this summer.

  • Anh Nguyen, digital content lead at ICE