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Who are ICE STEM Ambassadors?

20 August 2019

Find out about ICE’s work with young people and our new safeguarding rules.

Who are ICE STEM Ambassadors?

ICE STEM Ambassadors help recruit the next generation of civil engineers by running fun and engaging activities with under 18s.

With a future engineering skills shortage looming, ICE's keen to expand its reach and recruit more ICE STEM Ambassadors to help deliver its programmes.

ICE STEM Ambassadors find that going into schools and running practical and fun activities, or giving an inspiring talk is rewarding and fulfilling.

ICE STEM ambassador activities can also demonstrate some of the member attributes and technician standards needed for professional qualification, and count towards CPD for qualified members.

“I really enjoy the opportunities that being an ICE STEM Ambassador gives me to go into schools and community clubs to talk about careers in civil engineering. I really enjoy sharing my positive experiences as a young female engineer and it’s great to be able to act as a role model – which is soimportant for young students and aspiring engineers to see," said ICE STEM Ambassador Gillian Steele.

We look to engineers of all ages and backgrounds to get involved – could you help?

Keeping young people safe – ICE's duty

A very important part of ICE's work is to make sure it's demonstrating good safe-guarding practices which protect not only young people but also members and the Institution.

From 1 October 2019, all volunteers involved in ICE public engagement activities involving children or vulnerable adults must have a current Disclosure Barring Service (or DBS) check.

This is free and easy to apply for via registration as a STEM Ambassador through STEM Learning (DBS check provided in England, Wales nd Northern Ireland, or registration with the protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme in Scotland).

Registration with STEM Learning also gives you opportunities to take part in engagement training and the chance to be nominated for awards for your activities.

Becoming a registered STEM Ambassador Registration with STEM Learning requires you to provide some basic details about yourself and your residential history.

You’ll also need to get your ID confirmed by an unrelated professional person (e.g. a Chartered Engineer).

When you’ve registered, so long as you ticked the ‘ICE’ affiliation box on the form, ICE will be notified by STEM learning of your successful registration and can keep you up-to-date with ICE education activity news (if you want to be).

Already a STEM Ambassador?

If you’re already an ICE-affiliated STEM Ambassador, that’s great.

If you ticked the ‘ICE’ box on registering and aren’t getting emails from ICE about its education activities, then do please check on your MyICE account that you’ve given permission to receive ICE emails.

If you’re a registered STEM Ambassador affiliated to another professional institution, then please let ICE know, quoting your registration number, at [email protected].

Remember, to keep your STEM Ambassador registration current, you'll need to do one activity a year and record a short entry onto the STEM Learning database.

To access all ICE’s education resources please go to the new Resource Sharing Centre. Email [email protected] for help to access.

Education activities outside the UK

Members outside the UK wishing to take part in STEM engagement activities should contact their regional representative for further information, including guidance on the necessary security checks.

And as you are bound by ICE's code of conduct, you will be expected to follow the guidance given in ICE's document Guidance on working with children and young people.

  • Kathryn Denham-Maccioni, digital engagement manager at ICE