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Why you should support the QUEST fund

25 November 2019

Watch our film about how QUEST uses member donations to support development.

Why you should support the QUEST fund

ICE has released a new film showing how QUEST has helped civil engineers make a difference in society.

QUEST is an independent fund which supports our members. It relies on donations given through ICE annual membership subscriptions.

From scholarships for technicians and university students, to awards for overseas projects and further qualifications, QUEST has been supporting members’ development at all levels for over 40 years, enabling them to make the world a better place.

Our new film shows how QUEST helped Undergraduate Scholarship winner Kelachi Amadi-Echendu and Travel Award winner Holly Jones-Dalton make a difference to industry.

How to donate to QUEST

You can donate to the QUEST fund at the same time as paying your annual membership fees.

Online: make sure the box marked QUEST donation is ticked in MyICE.

By phone: call us to check if you are opted in to donate to QUEST.

Contact our friendly Membership Services team if you need help to change your QUEST donation in your subscriptions payment at [email protected] or on +44 (0)20 7665 2227.

  • Kathryn Denham-Maccioni, digital engagement manager at ICE