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YouTube influencer promotes civil engineering careers

25 June 2020

“Engineering isn’t just for boys, it’s rewarding and relates to all aspects of our daily lives.” ICE student member Sam Whelan discusses the benefits of a career in civil engineering with YouTube influencer Jack Edwards in our first ever careers 'collab' video interview.

YouTube influencer promotes civil engineering careers
YouTube influencing

We’ve got help this summer to get the message out to more young people about great careers in civil engineering. A new film Q&A featuring ICE QUEST Scholar Sam Whelan, made by his friend - social media influencer Jack Edwards – has just hit YouTube.

Watch the interview in full above!

Inspiring young people to take up a career in civil engineering is a key piece of work for ICE’s Membership department. With a looming skills shortage, it’s vital for the future of industry that we demonstrate to young people how rewarding, exciting and important civil engineers are in building and shaping our world.

The closure of schools across the UK and many other parts of the world this spring meant an interruption of the great work many of our volunteer STEM ambassadors were doing by delivering inspiring talks and activities to achieve this goal. It was time for a new plan.

As well as creating new civil engineering home-school resources and launching an online engagement platform along with other professional engineering institutions entitled, I’m an Engineer: Stay at Home we thought – what else could we do?

And that is where ICE student member Sam Whelan came in. Having won an ICE QUEST scholarship to support his studies at Durham University, Sam has become a passionate advocate of ICE membership and studying civil engineering.

An unexpected opportunity arose when he was telling his university friend Jack Edwards - an English Literature student and social media vlogger with 211k YouTube followers and 64k Instagram followers - about his experiences. Jack and Sam saw an opportunity to create some inspiring content to guide young career seekers and the result is this YouTube chat.

ICE’s education and inspiration work

For the last two years engaging 16-18 year olds and inspiring them to progress to a civil engineering degree or apprenticeship has been, and remains our focus. We remain committed to ensuring the pipeline of talent into the industry continues and indeed grows, by inspiring young people with the exciting career opportunities offered, along with supporting and motivating our ICE STEM Ambassadors to be the voice of civil engineering.

Some of our activity has continued, in large part unchanged, while in many areas we have adapted our approach to digitally engage young people. Our digital engagement includes panel discussions and chats where students have the opportunity to hear from ICE STEM Ambassadors on their experiences and ask questions. As well as engaging via schools we are engaging directly with young people and their parents via social media.

The combination of direct communications from ICE and our ambassadors coupled with messaging from social media influencers has the potential to be a powerful combination.

Be inspiring!

All ICE members can help us spread the word about careers. It only takes enthusiasm and willingness to talk to others. If you’re active on social media then we’d urge you to share our content. If you want to get more involved then get in touch: [email protected] or find out more about being a STEM ambassador on the ICE volunteer hub.

  • Kathryn Denham-Maccioni, digital engagement manager at ICE