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ICE Professional Skills: a report by the Skills Review Group

31 July 2018

A combination of technological, economic, social, educational and geo-political factors are generating huge changes in the profession of civil engineering.

In the UK but also internationally the construction industry is being challenged to improve its productivity.

Both through addressing endemic structural problems and by embracing the opportunities presented by emerging technologies and improved diversity. 

Also, the Grenfell Tower tragedy and a number of other recent events require ICE to examine whether our current systems adequately ensure the competence of practising engineers through their working lives.

This review was set up to explore whether in the context of this changing environment and considerable challenges, the Institution of Civil Engineers – in its 200th year – was adequately ensuring that civil engineering professionals have the skills needed to fulfil their role providing society with the infrastructure that it needs.

The review group spent nine months researching and reflecting on the subject, and this report is the output.

ICE Professional Skills Report

Content type: Report

Last updated: 26/06/2024

Author: ICE

  • ICE, Institution of Civil Engineers