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ICE response to national planning policy framework consultation

17 October 2013

Planning is an important topic for the development and management of infrastructure. Here are our comments on the draft NPPF:

  • We welcome the Government’s intention to simplify planning guidance and to make sustainable development the purpose of the planning system
  • We have particular concerns about the impact of the NPPF in a period where there is limited local plan coverage
  • We're concerned that the wording of some sections, particularly on transport, permits unsustainable development
  • Feedback from ICE practitioners suggests that many of the valuable gains in coastal defence and management practice achieved by the Planning Policy Statement 25, may be undermined by the new guidance
  • The lack of coverage of energy and waste issues should be re-considered
  • The provisions for 'Local Green Space' designations are somewhat unclear

ICE response to national planning policy framework consultation

Content type: Consultation

Authors: ICE

  • Andrew Wescott, head of policy and public affairs at ICE